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I finally completed Evil Genius!

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With the great news of an Evil Genius 2, I finally completed the first one!  :D It took me just about 50 hours or so.


Of cause I have started over a dozens of times, but you know, sometimes you just get tired. A bug is interfering, too many aggressive agents, your henchmen dies of the hands of a Super Agent and so on. SO, what do you do? You give up! Find another game to play, and another, and another. Months and months goes by, and then, you try ones again... of cause, with the same result  :P 


Now, like I said. I FINALLY DID IT! Couldn't have been more proud :lol: And I made sure to have John Steele captured and locked up as I pushed the launch button  :)

- I don't want to make a spoiler, if there is still some, who haven't completed, but the end is better with John Steele captured, lets just put it at that.


With the completion, I have a question now;

- how long did it take for you to complete? And when was this? I'm not interested in a specific date, just a circa  ;)

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I remember playing EG when I was 13. Never made it to past Objective 7 until I played it again in 2017. Since then, I’ve completed the game with all 3 genius’s. I recently used Steam to make screenshots and completed the game in a total of 14 hours which spanned over a week, mainly because I was familiar with most objectives and acts of infamy.


Recently, I uploaded Objective X playthroughs on YouTube. And yes you’re absolutely right! The ending is better with John Steele captured! I compiled a playlist containing all of the John Steele end sequences on YouTube.




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