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Controlling your Evil Empire

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Penny Foxworth's Guide to Controlling your Evil Empire


Rather obviously, we can't risk having you on-site whilst we're still under threat from John Steele and his collection of suited SABRE dimwits. Don't worry though; I have made sure that the systems you need to control things remotely are all in place! Think of this guide as a useful reference to all the buttons and options at your fingertips.


The Action Menu


This is the most crucial of all sections on your HUD (Heads Up Display). From this menu you are able to perform most of the actions crucial to the design and layout of your Lair, whether that is digging out a new room type, visiting the Marketplace to buy new equipment to throw your Minions at, or checking the Inventory to see your resource stock levels or any stored furniture. Let's take a look at those features in a little more detail!


The Marketplace



This will take you through to what is effectively the world's most evil online shop! Whether you require equipment, resources or boost items to put that silver lining on your superbly-run empire, this is w here you'll find what you need.




By selecting the Furniture tab, you are able to select from a wide range of wickedly evil equipment and some other assorted items to help you along the way. Each of the icons numbered above have been specifically tailored by me to help someone like yourself who needs to spend the majority of their time taking over the world, not thumbing slowly through a catalogue.


1: 'All'

This tab will show all kinds of equipment, no matter what kind of function it performs.


2: 'Assignment'

Equipment that I have filtered into here on your behalf will all be of the assignment type, meaning you can order a slovenly Minion to sit at it for a while in order to carry out Evil tasks to gain Gold, or to generate a particular kind of resource that you can put towards some particularly malicious items.


3: 'Crafting'

Crafting equipment, listed when this icon is clicked, allows you to mix two or more resources together to make all kinds of useful items. I'm particularly excited to see you put your inestimable intelligence to use on these work stations.  In fact, I am sure you will surprise even me with some of your creations!


4: 'Operations'

Any kinds of equipment that work towards the running of your Lair are listed here. The primary example is, of course, the Locker. Amazing how a rectangular piece of metal could be so important, huh? Then you realize that these things have to store your Minions' pathetic belongings, keeping your Lair's floor free from whatever meaningless possessions they might otherwise scatter around. The faithful locker: the little bit of equipment that could.


5: 'Resource'

We live in a time where, thankfully, some equipment doesn't have to rely on a boiler-suited pleb sitting at the controls in order for us to gain something. These fantastic little things w ill whir away on their own constantly generating Gold and crucial resources for us, and the only time we will have to rely on a Minion is when we order one to collect our harvest. Even they can't get that wrong!


6: 'Decoration'

The final category includes all the items which will provide your Lair with a dash of sophistication, color and - most importantly - a nice little Obedience booster. Judicious use of these items will allow you to keep your workforce even more under your vice-like grip, lulling them into a false sense of security.



It is worth noting that you can shortcut to the Marketplace by selecting an empty square in any of your rooms and choosing the 'Build' icon. This has an additional benefit; I have build in automatic filtering software so it w ill only show you equipment that is appropriate for that room. Good news though; below the list of equipment you will see an orange 'Room Type' button. This will allow you to change whichever room you wish to see an equipment list for quickly and efficiently.




The Items tab will offer you a number of items that'll quicken your ascent to domination. Whether it's a selection of resources that you have decided to get in early in order to cut your useless Minions out of the equation or a handy boost to give a certain aspect of your Lair a bit of a perk, you will find them all here.



Selecting this icon will show you all kinds of Items, no matter what kind they are.


2: 'Resource'

The items listed when this icon is selected are all resources that you can either create on your equipment or acquire from cleaning up certain pieces of Junk. These will allow you to complete Missions, gather ingredients for Crafts and more. Worth keeping tabs on, as even the most evil of Evil Geniuses can come up a little short on rare occasions!


3: 'Gadgets'

These items are real boons, and amongst them is my favourite item of all - the pistol. If you're feeling slightly more benevo lent towards your Minions then you'll also find other neat tools to help accelerate you towards supremacy.


4: 'Boosts'

Ah, Boosts. See, as much of a genius as you are, you're still having to get some of your work done thro ugh beings so dim-witted that they' d make an empty jar look jam-packed with inspiration. Don't worry -the collection of items listed when this icon is selected will give you various bonuses for periods of time to make up for this - increases in Experience gained, in Gold earned and that kind of thing.





As you become more notorious and increase up the Player Level ranks, certain opportunities will become available to you. These opportunities come in the form of daring heists and raids to steal some centerpiece decorative items for your Lair. Your Inventory's Loot tab will showcase these targets and, once they have been obtained, allow you to place them in your Lair to demonstrate your evil mastery.


Lair Editing


This section of the Action Menu allows you to tinker with the layout of your Lair, arranging your Rooms and equipment as you see best fit. I've arranged it so you're only ever a few selections away from being able to make the changes you deem necessary to ensure your empire is running at peak proficiency!






The Inventory


Over the course of your career as you head towards being the world's premier Evil Genius you will start collecting lots of resources, items and pieces of furniture. Thankfully I have arranged for a portion of off-site storage from which you can withdraw your hard-earned items at but a moment's notice.



The Furniture and Items tabs are exactly as described above; I have set your Inventory interface up so it filters each item and piece of equipment you collect into the correct sections. There is, however, an additional tab.



Selecting this icon brings up a menu, from which you will be able to choose from the different room types available to you. I have also set it up so it will also indicate how much Gold each square tile of each type will cost. Having selected a Room type, you will be presented with the blueprint cursor:



I have set up your interface so you can drag a blueprint out to your liking, adding extra nooks and crannies with single clicks. For efficiency's sake I have programmed it to only accept rooms and corridors that are at least two squares wide, however; given how socially inept your Minions are, chances are they'd get themselves jammed into awkward situations with each other and equipment otherwise! One you are satisfied with your new layout you can hit the green tick to have it placed immediately - if you've decided otherwise then you can always hit the Red Cross to cancel!


It is worth remembering that you are able to bring up a shortcut to the Room Selection  menu by selecting an empty square of dirt and choosing the Excavate option!


2. 'Fill'

Much in the same way that I have set up your interface to allow you to easily create new rooms for your Lair, I have also set it up so you can remove rooms too. By selecting 'Fill' you will be presented with the blueprint cursor, which you are able to drag and also add additional portions to in order to make what was a room a fresh pile of undug earth once more!


3: 'Move Furniture'

There are going to be a few occasions when, due to your rapid expansion and rise through the ranks of evil, you will need to move some equipment about. Selecting this icon will allow you to choose any piece of equipment that you see fit, at which point they will hover above the ground and display a handy Build blueprint as shown here!



I have chosen to indicate both the necessary access points for equipment (the green footprints) and the placement point too (the blueprint underneath) for your convenience.  Should you attempt to place the equipment in a position where your Minions won't be able to get the most out of it, selected footprints and the blueprint underneath will turn red to indicate where the problem is.



Once you have found the ideal spot for your equipment, clicking left mouse button once will place it. Don't worry if you're a little unsure or wishing to experiment; you can move equipment as much as you need! It's also worth noting that I have included a shortcut to the Move functionality on each piece of equipment's toolbar, which pop up when equipment is selected.


4: 'Sell'


Should you need to raise a bit of Gold for any reason - and someone so busy with evil will have plenty of reasons - selecting the Sell icon will allow you to sell pretty much any piece of equipment you have. The only one piece that this is not the case for is the Command Centre - that's incredibly important to your empire, and selling it would be disastrous!


When the icon is selected, hovering your cursor over equipment will bring up an information panel letting you know the Gold you will get for selling it. Selecting that equipment will then bring up a confirmation window, from which you can sell the equipment and gain your Gold!


5: 'Stash'

I've arranged for a method of storing equipment should you wish to have it out of the way for a while without having to sell it. Selecting the Stash icon and then selecting any furniture - apart from that crucial Command Centre, of course - will send that equipment across to your Inventory, as we discussed above! Oh, and don't worry - we're not relying on our butterfingered Minions to carry our stuff into storage. Imagine how much of it would be broken if we did...


6: 'Cancel'

This one's nice and simple! Should you wish to exit Lair Edit mode, this button will take you back to your Lair so you can resume your nefarious deeds!


Camera Compass, Mini Map and Options


1: 'Camera Compass'

Everyone has their own personal taste when it comes to the environment in which they work for example, I am fond of getting things done whilst listening to the sounds of Minions screaming in terror and trembling in fear. However, as an Evil Genius you deserve to be able to tweak your interface to your own liking - even if it helps you be just 1% more efficient, that's 1% more evil that John Steele and SABRE will have to deal with!

I have built in dual-functionality into this little dev ice - it'll not only act as a compass so you always have an idea of your overall baring within your Lair (something that will be rather useful once you command an expansive Lair filled with equipment), but w ill also - when clicked - open and close a panel of options.


2: 'Full Screen'

When this button is selected, you are able to take your Lair into Full Screen mode for a better view. Selecting it again will restore it to a window.


3: 'Camera Zoom Out'

This will allow you to zoom the Evil Cam outwards, giving you a more overall view of your Lair. Handy for making sure that all your Minions aren't slacking off or being utterly useless.


4: 'Camera Zoom In'

Should you w ish for a more detailed v iew of what's happening in your Lair,or perhaps a closer look at your incredible equipment and impressive Loot collection, hitting this button will zoom Evil Cam in for you.



By selecting the middle 'sticker' box underneath the image, you are able to enter a portion of your own text - perhaps 'Day 1: The world will soon fall under my evil grasp!' or similar. The icon to the right will save a copy of the snap to your local machine, whilst the icon on the left w ill make sure all of your friends and Syndicate members are aware of your achievements by posting it to Facebook.


6: 'Settings'


The Settings option will allow you to set your audio and visual preferences for your optimal Lair­ building experience. The Graphical Quality options vary from High, with all bells and whistles and shiny textures, through to Low, which is a setting aimed at slightly older or lower spec machines but still plenty good enough for you to be able to enjoy the finer aspects of building an evil Lair. Meanwhile, the Audio settings allow you to turn sound effects such as pistol shots off, as well as the backing music I have selected to accompany your menacing deeds.


7: 'Snapshot'

This handy little feature will allow you to take a snap of anything in your Lair, as long as you're currently focusing the Evil Cam on it! So, get a good angle at the item or moment you wish to capture for posterity, hit Snapshot and add it to your growing list of evil memories.


8: 'Camera Rotate Clockwise'


9: 'Camera Centre'


10: 'Camera Rotate Anti-Clockwise'

It's always useful to be able to have a new perspective on things; for example, you might want to find out if your Minions are hiding like cowards behind equipment, or perhaps you wish to take a closer look at your equipment to confirm how impressive it all is. Using the Rotate buttons w ill allow you a complete 360 degree view of your Lair, whilst tapping the Centre button will return your view to the default it started at.


Penny's Summary


'Being an Evil Genius means you are going to need to take some important decisions and have complete control over your destiny, hence the systems I have described here. Whether it is purchasing crucial equipment, digging out new rooms or simply looking around to see how things are running, I have made sure that all options are at your fingertips'.

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