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Experience and Player Level

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Penny Foxworth's Guide to Experience and Player Level


As you masterfully progress through Evil Genius you will notice that - alongside the growing urge to take over the world and steal Goldi from every source possible - you will be gaining experience from your tasks and periodically leveling up. I imagine that someone brimming with such natural intelligence won't need much help, but just in case I have prepared a refresher guide. Without further ado:


Where can I view my Player Level and Experience?

As this is such an important aspect of any Evil Genius's career, I've placed it in an important position: at the very top of your screen, right in the centre. When the mouse cursor is over it, it looks like this:



If the number to the right of the Experience icon is your current Player Level, whilst the bar to the right of this number will fill as Experience is collected to provide you with a visual indication of how close you are to achieving the next Player Level. If you are an Evil Genius who likes a little more detail, hovering your  mouse cursor over the bar will bring up a handy tool tip (as shown) informing you exactly how much Experience you have and how much you need to Level Up.


Okay, but how do I go about gaining Experience and raising my Player Level?


By going about your business in the accomplished, sinister manner of the Evil Genius you are!



Having your slacker Minions complete the build of new Equipment, finish off an Assignment or craft or clean Junk will gain you Experience. Once an action has been completed and Experience gained, a small Experience icon (Skull) will appear to indicate to you that you're taking another   step along the evil ladder! Additionally, completing missions will present you with a well-earned Experience bonus, and no doubt you will be achieving that many a time between now and the time you take over the world!


Oh, and before I forget, there are a few mo re methods of gaining Experience too.  Executing a pathetic Minion is one of them, but for Official Statute of Minion Rights reasons I couldn't possibly recommend that, of course. No, whatever you do, don't decide to gain Experience and get rid of a useless, slack-jawed Minion by waving a pistol in his general direction.


A potentially lucrative way of gaining bonus Experience is for you to have a well-populated Syndicate list! It's always a good thing to  keep  an  eye  on  how  badly  other  Evil  Geniuses  are  doing  in comparison to you, but a by-product of doing so and placing Spy Minions in their Lairs is that you gain Experience from it! They do all the hard work, you reap all the benefits.


Do all tasks and Missions gain me the same amount of Experience?








Most certainly not-that would be incredibly unfitting of the increasingly epic nature of chaos and panic that your Evil will create! Whilst your initial tasks and Missions will see you gaining a relatively modest amount of Experience, as soon as you really hit your stride and start making The Forces of Justice and the world cower in the face of your nefarious acts you will begin gaining the higher levels of Experience that a genius of your ability truly deserves.


I'm an Evil Genius -Why should I care about Experience?


Taking over the world isn't an overnight operation, even for someone with you r considerable talents. It takes planning, careful execution (of Missions AND Minions) and a heck of a lot of Gold. Plus, the rather shady way in which we purchase our equipment is controlled by some rather stern, pencil-pushing types who need to see competence on paper rather than taking the time to see it through personality. You know the type.


Equipment Unlocks

As you progress through your carnage­filled career towards total domination, your achievements will – as mentioned-increase your Player Level. This will unlock new Equipment for us to purchase and get running in your Lair. As mentioned above, the powers-that­ be who sell us this equipment will only make it available once you've demonstrated  just   how  excellent you are at all things evil, hence it's crucial that you continue to tighten your grip on the world in order to Level Up and obtain  new   tools  to have   at  your disposal.


Equipment Upgrading

It's worth remembering that alongside all the exciting new equipment we can have your Minions slaving away on, we also have ability to Upgrade our current equipment to make them more efficient and unlock new, more lucrative Assignments and items to craft. It would be imprudent to rush this process, but don't worry - 1 have penciled in a schedule based on your Player Level that means you will be able to Upgrade things at the ideal moment. This should allow you to focus on the more important and evil matters at hand!


Lair Expansion


The Government silo we've managed to obtain for our operations might be secluded and fantastically secure, but unfortunately it seems the goody-two-shoes previous owners attempted to cover their tracks after leaving by blowing it up. This means that the area we have to work with initially is somewhat limited. Thankfully as we expand our operation and gain more equipment we can look at pushing outwards - as with Upgrades I have prepared a plan for the optimum points for us to do this for efficiency's sake, so you can focus on the bigger picture and once you've hit certain Player Levels you will be in prime position to increase our buildable area!


Evildoing Opportunities

You know you're an Evil Genius. I know you're an Evil Genius. Unfortunately, there are some people out there who are yet to be convinced. By carrying out evil deeds, increasing your Player Level and getting you r name out there you might open up certain opportunities for yourself, and get yourself noticed by some pretty important people. A genius of your potential should be rubbing shoulders with the cream of the evil crop, so go out there and show them what you’re made out of!


You Scratch My Back…  
One perk of having a selection of Syndicate members under your watchful eye is that you can send them 'Gifts'. Now, we know the real intention here; you send them something nice, they are overcome by your sense of generosity in spite of you being far superior to them and send you something back. This helps you in various ways, and the higher your Player Level, the higher the usefulness of the item you will be able to send and receive. A most helpful situation to be in!


Penny's Summary


'Hopefully the above will have been useful as a handy refresher on the ins and outs of Player Level and how you can use it to your own evil advantage. We both know that your progression to the top of the evil tree is a mere formality, but the important thing is that whilst I look after things in the background to ensure maximum efficiency, you will be able to turn your full attention to terrorizing the world's population and putting John Steele, SABRE and anyone else who dares stick their nose in your business firmly in their place'.

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