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Lair Expansion

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Penny Foxworth's Guide to Lair Expansion


'Whilst our discarded Government silo makes for an ideal location to kick off our evil activities, it does have certain limitations at the beginning. It seems like whoever ran this place before desperately attempted to cover their tracks by blowing up the perimeter area. We can make inroads into opening that space up again, but obviously we will need to do so efficiently in order to keep track of our Lair and equipment!' Here's a handy reference guide for you:


I, initially, what we will have to work with is a corridor area and a large Control Room, housing the Command Centre. I have run a quick scan over this piece of equipment and found that it would make an ideal hub for your empire to grow around; not only are you able to carry out evil assignments with it, but it will power your other equipment too! Oh, and there is a scattering of junk the previous occupants seem to have left behind. Worth checking that out in case there are useful bits and bobs in them!




1.  Fortunately there is room for growing our lair before we need to look into blowing out those large chunks of grey granite. You will notice that there is soft brown dirt which we can excavate quickly in order to build new rooms to house our equipment! Selecting any of these portions of dirt will allow you to choose a room from the Build menu and drag out a blueprint that suits you.


2.  You're an Evil Genius, which means that you will eventually expand to the point where you run out of Dirt to Excavate and will need to think about blasting out an Expansion Area. For each Expansion Area there are a few requirements that you will need to safely uncover the dirt. Expansion Areas require you to reach a certain level in the game and have a number of resources in your Inventory in order to expand. The more you expand the greater the costs, so build your lair up with a strategy in mind. Don't worry though - your lair can be redesigned and rebuilt at any time from the Lair Editing menu that can be found on the Action Menu I have placed in the bottom right corner.




Which Expansion Areas can I expand into?

Any of the Expansion Areas can be selected as long as they are directly neighbouring Dirt (indicated with a 2 on the image above).


You will eventually be able to expand your lair into all areas that you see on screen. As your XP increases they will become available to unlock- I have structured it in this manner so you should always be hitting an expansion opportunity at the right moment. Click on an area to see which level you need to be on to unlock that plot, as well as which resources are required.  When you have enough resources and are at the required level the Blast! Button will become active. Click on it to destroy the Granite and gain access to the underlying dirt which you can dig out as you wish.



Penny's Summary

'As you can no doubt see, Gifting, Requests and Posting are ways in which you can push on quickly and make giant steps forward. Doing so off the back of other Evil Geniuses will make it even more satisfying when you beat them all to taking over the world! Of course, should you wish to plough your own furrow then Gems will open even the most tightly locked doors for you. It's up to you how you grow your empire!'

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