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Gifting, Posting and Requests


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Penny Foxworth's Guide to Gifting, Posting and Requests


'Whilst being an Evil Genius is all about forging your own path to world domination, that doesn't mean you can't do it by making use of some evil contacts now and again. An Evil Genius is built on the resources and Gold they put towards their acts of infamy, so scoring some more from other sources can only be a benefit! I've prepared a guide for your convenience'.


What is the difference between Gifting, Requesting and Posting?

They are subtle variations on a theme, all designed to give you an advantage over the competition! Gifting is a sneaky little system I discovered that will allow you to trade items between yourself and other Syndicate members. By selecting the 'Send Free Gifts' button above your Player Experience bar, you can select members from a list and then select from a list of items. Sending a Gift won't take a items away from you - we're 'liberating' these gifts from the Marketplace whilst they're not looking - but w ill mean that any friends who select to re-gift to you will add an additional item to your total. Pretty helpful! Let's just hope the men in suits who run the Marketplace don't notice...



Asking works in a slightly different manner. There will be times when you take the decision - as is your right as an Evil Genius - to Request a particular item from Syndicate members. More often than not this will be for items that are so in-demand that it is tricky to get hold of them by other means (other than sending Gems to the Marketplace of course - Gems open doors that might otherwise be closed after all!).



Good examples of this are some of the Upgrade components needed to make your equipment more efficient and powerful. A few of these are rather difficult to obtain, hence I have designed your display to have a simple 'Ask' button when such a situation arises. Selecting it will bring up the Syndicate selection menu from w here you can choose people to request the items from.


Posting will allow you to spread the word out to folks outside of Evil Genius Online. If your need for a particular resource is desperate or if you're itching to strike another blow for evil and can't wait, this method can produce results quickly. Once again, I have set up your display to indicate to you w hen this opportunity is available. It's worth noting that you can also Post whenever you send free gifts - boasting about your supreme generosity might have its benefits too !



Not many of my friends know I am an Evil Genius - what now?

Don't worry - it's understandable that you may wish to keep your evil aspirations secret from those nearest and dearest. In order to solve this potential problem, I have devised a unique Community option when it comes to requesting and gifting resources. Selecting the Community tab will compile a list of some of the other s w ho aim to best you and become the world's greatest Evil Genius, and you are able to interact with them without the need to add them to Facebook. You can also add Community members to your Syndicate without the need to add them as a Facebook friend! This will hopefully prove a big boon to your plans of keeping tabs on as many people as possible whilst maintaining an edge of secrecy.


I am impatient and want to take over the world even quicker!

Of course - you are a genius after all! I've put some investigation into matters and discovered that, should we offer enough Gems, we can obtain pretty much anything we need from various sources. I have set up your display to also indicate this where necessary - Upgrades being a primary example again - although additionally I would add that you are able to buy standard Resources for Gems directly from the Marketplace if you ever find yourself a bit short!



Penny's Summary:

'As you can no doubt see, Gifting, Requests and Posting are ways in which you can push on quickly and make giant steps forward. Doing so off the back of other Evil Geniuses will make it even more satisfying when you beat them all to taking over the world! Of course, should you wish to plough your own furrow then Gems will open even the most tightly locked doors for you. It's up to you how you grow your empi

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