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Figured we should have a thread of what we would like to see in EG2 in case Rebellion starts looking around on the net.


Some things I would like to see:

1. Possible game speed settings - Dunno about you guys, but sometimes, when I was just gathering resources I would have like to set the game is a speed mode of 2x or something to speed up the process as it could get rather boring.  Or even when building rooms ect..


2. More paths in the game based of your choices.


3. More bases.


4. Multiplayer.



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Figured we should have a thread of what we would like to see in EG2 in case Rebellion starts looking around on the net.


Some things I would like to see:

1. Possible game speed settings - Dunno about you guys, but sometimes, when I was just gathering resources I would have like to set the game is a speed mode of 2x or something to speed up the process as it could get rather boring.  Or even when building rooms ect..


2. More paths in the game based of your choices.


3. More bases.


4. Multiplayer.



Someone said something on EvilPlanet that a good thing to see in EG2 is a random island generator, so that whenever you start a new game or move to a new island (I think EG2 should have 4 islands in the main campaign IMO) that you get a random one, which is good as it lets you be more creative with layouts. 


The one thing that would annoy me in EG1 was the time it took for your agents to go to the World Map, maybe if the game is set in the 80s this time (like EG1 was set in the 60s), they could have access to some  uber secret, miiltary transporter, which would let you teleport to the world map instantly, thus saving time. It could be obtainable via an Act Of Infamy, or via research maybe?


More paths in the campaign would be good. 

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The one thing that would annoy me in EG1 was the time it took for your agents to go to the World Map, maybe if the game is set in the 80s this time (like EG1 was set in the 60s), they could have access to some  uber secret, miiltary transporter, which would let you teleport to the world map instantly, thus saving time. It could be obtainable via an Act Of Infamy, or via research maybe?

Yeah agree on that as well.  I remember if you had the timing off sometimes it would take several minutes to get them to the map.

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If they were to make it more of a ongoing game I think it would be huge as well for the single player campaign.  


By ongoing I mean possible quarterly updates released to the game, whether it's free to play or a small subscription/expansion packs.  This way it's not just beating the game in a few weeks and you're done, but something to look forward to and keeping people playing the game long term.

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its easy to say there should be more paths in the game but but where are your proposals?


I think the first island shoul be a choice between a tropical island, an arctic/antarctic island and perhaps a mountaintop in Nepal


Second base must be on the moon! I mean - how can you threaten to destroy the world if you yourself are on it?? Its only logical to go to the moon! There would be no critters (perhaps moon sandworms:) and agents could roam around in 60's astronaut suits..


Firstly, say you pick an arctic/antartic island, with seals running around as critters, perhaps while buildin a nuclear sub. Also since it is secluded from city lights, arctic location is perfect for a team of atronomers (new science minion) to build a giant telescope, inorder to find a perfect base location on the moon. Then construction of the rocket and moving the base to the moon From there of course, a doomsday weapon construction that destroys the earth. 


also, there should be an option to kidnap a famous sculptor, who can be forced to create a giant statue of the Genius, to be placed in the base to raise loyalty. Same can be done with a painting, perhaps create a whole new room, like Trophy room/mausoleum to put alll this stuff.


The ideas that can be added to this game are just limitless....

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I think they should create around four different islands (like what "Daniel" said)  and have a map editor available to let people/modders make maps and place them on the steam workshop and other websites.


I think there could be a possibility of online e.g co-op with a friend via steam to reach world domination.


I hope that evil genius 2 is put on steam and is marketed well on it two, i would hate to see such a great game go to wast from having people never hear of the game.


BTW can people who post ideas backup there thoughts and give a example or two... it just makes it a little better to get what you want to see in evil genius 2.

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Although I'm new to this forum, I'm definatly not new to the first game.

And with every playthrough I've had these nagging ideas that would be extremly cool in EG2.


1. Why not make it possible to build at multiple depth/height levels? It would be a real challenge for the player to create rooms twice the height with catwalks from one side to the other. Objects to be higher than just one level and having to be operated at level one or two (or both for that matter).


Going from one level to the other brings more strategic options to the player, should there be unpowered stairways, powerconsuming and slow elevators or escalators?


And don't even get me started on traps...


2. Playable missions, these could be as elaborate or small as you like, but they do bring somewhat of an edge to the game. in EG1 theres just statistical calculations. Maybe you could controll the mission as an RTS if you brought allong a henchmen as a squadcaptain or something. 


What would be epic about this is that the tables would be turned, you as the invading, stealing, destroying badguy (not that it's not already the case...).


3. Multiplayer. It would be a lot of fun, but time consuming. One way i see it is like two (or more) evil geniusses facing off on a random map with fog of war. Each building their own lair underground, setting traps for the other so stealing is a lot harder. 


4. Different terrain settings. As a starting evil genius, low on cash, i imagine a couple of floors in an (abandoned) office building. As soon as you get more cash and notoreity you transfer to an island, underwater, desert or arctic base. And lastly the idea from the moon, wow, i wish i had come up with that. I believe it's every evil geniusses dream to blow up (part) of the earth while being safely on your own moon base.



If possible I'd love to get some feedback on these ideas.

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1. Sounds pretty cool as long as it didn't make the game so complicated that new players give up on it.

2. I don't mind the current way, almost like a turn based RTS on the mission screen as it is now.  But if it was more fun then I would be for it.

3. This would be fun as well, but if the time it takes to build up in Evil Genius this could be day long multiplayer games :)

4. I like this idea.

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Im sure the EG devs have the evil planet forum bookmarked but heres my 2 cents (read: wall of text):


  • General

Larger Scale

With the inclusion of vehicles and more focus on cover operations and away missions, the game will take place on a larger scale with the minion cap set at 200-250, game is paced to be 3-4 times longer than the first game (30 Story Missions + 100 Side Missions).

Reactionary Input

Henchmen can be ordered to search, eliminate threats or patrol areas of the map.


Anywhere not covered by a unit or security cameras field of vision is shrouded.

Time Manipulation

Allow the player to speed up or slow down time.


Normal, Challenge & Hidden achievements that when completed unlock special loot, Henchmen and Customisation items.  Early unlocks can be bough via microtransaction. (Similar to the system used in Anno)

Reactionary Soundtrack

Overlaying tracks change depending on game actions and pace.

Improvements to UI

                -Easy access menus and Hotkeys

                -Option for hidden/simple UI

                -Menus to access item storage, help, glossary, etc.

                -Test Dummy item removed, used for test trap button in trap mode.


Names and statistics are tracked and used for various purposes.



  • Items

Items cover a wide variety of bits and pieces that can help acts of infamy, research or stats; ranging from prototypes to notes and uniforms.  Typically, items are one use only.  Items can be built from Workshops, found on agents, kidnap victims or acts of infamy.


Items; like personnel, can be shipped all over the word to complete missions, stored in caches/safehouses all around the globe.  In the event of high heat in a particular region 40%, items suffer attrition same as personnel (presumably these caches/safehouses are discovered by the forces of justice and confiscated/destroyed.



Customisations when used; unlock outfits and options for your Genius, Henchmen, Minions, Vehicles and Lair.  Customisations can also be found and ‘created’ by kidnapping targets such as fashion designers & interior decorators.



Objects, items and research sometimes require certain substances to be used to complete them.  Substances can be items such as Uranium, Titanium, Super-goo, Swiss cheese, Unobtainium, etc.



Tools are generally one use only items that help Minions and Minions complete acts of infamy, offer research or otherwise complete tasks.



Weapons arm your Henchmen and Minions.

                Pistols: Pistols can be wielded by any Minion.

Rifles: Rifles are wielded by all Security Minions.

Heavy-Rifles: A Heavy Weapon version of the rifle that deals greater damage and can be wielded by T2 or T3 Security Minions.

Flamethrower: A Heavy Weapon that gushes flames at enemies and can be wielded by T2 or T3 Security Minions.

Bazooka: A Heavy Weapon that fires explosive rockets at enemies and can be wielded by T2 or T3 Security Minions.

Swords: Swords are close combat weapons that are wielded by Martial-Artist Minions

Silenced Weapons: Pistols and Rifles can come in Silenced varieties that don’t make sound when fired.

Experimental Weapons: Covers a variety of pistols, rifles and heavy weapons dreamed of by the fervid imaginations of your scientists.

Henchmen Weapons: Henchmen carry unique weapons that can be swapped or upgraded.



Uniforms can be used in missions to divert heat away from the player or as a mission requirement.  If all personnel on the mission wear the same type of uniform, there is a good chance that there will be no heat and by extension no notoriety generated by the mission due to it being false-flag.  Uniforms are looted from interrogated agents.  There are 5 types of uniforms, one for each agency.




Supplies encompass the following resources:


Food is a constant requirement by henchman and Minions.  Food has 4 stages of quality from tinned rations (the cheapest) to the most luxurious cuisine (the dearest).  The quality of the food offers bonuses and penalties depending on the quality.  1 is bad quality and will cause your Minions and Minions to suffer stat penalties.  2 is average.  3-4 will offer a stat bonus.  Chefs can also improve the quality of food by one level (maximum 4).


Generators and Vehicles (including transport) use fuel to operate.  It is important to always have a supply of fuel to operate a lair.  Fuel can be bought or stolen and is stored in storage tanks.


  • Research

Research Cost

Some research requires items, funding and or conditions to be met


Super science

Some science projects are rare and require a great deal of effort to attain, but are powerful:

                Frankensoldiers: Disposable Henchman made from the good bits of dead agents.

                Nanotechnology: Upgrade your forces with cybernetics, Bee traps replaced with nanoswarms.

                Archaeological Biology: Using genetic engineering, dinosaurs.



  • Vehicles


Vehicles can transport support objects, Minions and Minions around your lair.  Vehicles typically include Jeeps, buggies mini-subs, mini-copters, power-suits and forklifts.  Heavier vehicles such as trucks and tanks can also be stolen.  Some acts of infamy require certain vehicles to succeed.  Vehicles come in three types:


Security Vehicles are typically armed and are useful in keeping your lair secure as well as aiding in acts of infamy.  Vehicles are fairly resilient and are great for dealing with agents or buying time during an assault while you evacuate.

Jeep: A commercial grade 4-man off-roader.

Bandit: An unarmed lightweight 2-man vehicle.  Typically used in desert environments.  Bandits suffer no penalties from desert locales.

Snow Mobile: An unarmed lightweight 2-man vehicle.  Typically used in arctic environments.  Bandits suffer no penalties from arctic locales.

Military Jeep: A militarised and slightly armoured version of the Jeep.  Can be mounted with a heavy weapon.

Military Truck: A militarised and slightly armoured version of the Truck.  Can be mounted with a heavy weapon.

Mini-tank: A 1-man, slow armoured vehicle.  Comes with a Heavy-Rifle Standard and can be swapped with another heavy weapon.

Robosuit: A 1-man bipedal walker.




Utility vehicles serve as support in a variety of roles such as moving loot and equipment, transporting Minions, etc.  Most objects with a size greater than 2x1 require a vehicle to move them.


These rare or famous vehicles are more for show and can be attained by missions.  See Loot.



Transports are vehicles that transport your Henchmen, Minions and equipment around the world.  There are several types of vehicles available with different strengths and weaknesses.  The player starts with the Yacht however other vehicles may be purchased or stolen once infrastructure becomes available.  All transports (excluding the yacht) require pilots.


The Yacht is the standard transport in EG2, it doesn’t use fuel but is slow (1/10 the speed it travelled in EG1).


The Submarine replaces the Yacht and can travel to and from underwater lairs.  Several types of submarine are available.


Helicopters are slow (1/5 of the speed they travelled in EG1), but use less fuel than other aircraft and require a Helipad Depot and a Hanger.  Several types of helicopters are available.


Planes are fast (the speed of the Helicopter in EG1), but use more fuel than helicopters.  Planes require a Hanger and an Air Depot with a Runway.  Several types of planes are available.


The Rocket is a one use, one way trip to the Moon.  It is required when moving to a moon base.


Shuttles are identical to planes but can travel to and from the moon.  Several types of Shuttles are available.


  • Loot

Loot is attained through various Missions.



Flavour items: Conspiracy Evidence (The truth is in here!), Cure for Cancer, Plan for World Peace, Orphans tears, etc.

Blackmail Evidence

Uniform: (One for each agency)





Radioactive waste






Objects that are not really treasure but help you research new technologies.

Research Machine


Sonic Generator


Codex of Knowledge

Chameleon Cloth

Focal Mirror

Prototype Power Armour



Antique Relic (Vases and artefacts)

Priceless Art (many famous paintings)

Hollywood Prop (many famous movies)

Persian Rug (many styles)


Million Dollar Bill

Samurai Armour


Medieval Armour

Antique Cannon

Emerald Budda

Aztec Amulet

Dinosaur Skeleton

Bog Man

Crown Jewels

Ark of the Covenant


Moon Lander


DaVinci Flyer

Gold Record

Giant Gemstone

Strange Meteorite



Pope Mobile

F1 Car

Presidents Limousine

Staff Car

Rally Car

Retrofitted Rolls Royce




Super-loot requires a shrink ray to be discovered and built and is typically gained through Grand Larceny Missions.


Moa Head

Eifel Tower

Big Ben



Statue of Liberty

Taj Mahal

St Basils Cathedral

Forbidden City

Christ the Redeemer

Reclining Buddha Statue


Sydney Opera House

ISS in a bottle


Special Loot

Special loot is found through missions, special events or in-game achievements, some super loot items are super-science.


Midas Device: Can be used as an interrogation device, turns agents into gold statues for money and uses immense amounts of power.

The Codex of Knowledge: Unchanged; but does not get destroyed after use, can be used to automatically research a random (accessible) technology and requires a rare spawning abduction mission (Nobel Scientist) to use.

Cloning Machine: Unchanged, although attached mission to reduce heat can be repeated.


  • Missions

Mission Types

Acts of Infamy

Standard missions that increase your notoriety.


Piracy missions involve stealing supplies or vehicles.  Usually the prize can be returned to your lair. & offer little to no notoriety gain.


Kidnapping missions involve capturing a person for ransom or interrogation & offer little to no notoriety gain.

Mission: These targets are required for a particular mission

Training: Targets required for training henchmen

Research: Once the Codex of Knowledge has been acquired, Nobel scientists can be abducted (when found) and interrogated for a ‘free’ research project.

Customisations: Can be kidnapped for customisations and include: Celebrity hairdressers, Fashion designers and interior decorators.




Larceny missions involve stealing items, objects or cash & offer little to standard notoriety rewards.

Grand Larceny

Grand Larceny missions are huge missions that involve a lot of personnel and resources, sometimes in different parts of the world simultaneously in order to steal Loot (typically Super-Loot) and come with a reward Video on completion & offer high notoriety rewards.


Mission Themes



  • Victory: World Domination

Doomsday Devices

3 trees of devices are available dependant on your avatars characteristics and choices made in the game. (Chaos, Control or Destruction)



EM Pulse Satellite: Blast the world back into the stone-age.

Degravitational Destabiliser (Moon Base): Unchanged.

Ravenous Resurrection Retrovirus: The dead rise up as zombies.

Volcanic Drill: Erupt the world’s volcanos at will.

Malicious Mutation Beam: Turns Animals into monsters.



Neurotic Neutraliser: Mind Controller.

ID Eraser: Unchanged.

Chronographic Controller: Time Machine.

Robotic Legionnaire: Giant Robot.

Meteorological Mayhem Device: Weather Control Device.




Planetary Pulveriser (Moon Base): Destroys the world... literally.

Earthquake Emitter: Unchanged.

Proto-Tidal Projector (Underwater Base): The world succumbs to mighty tidal waves, no coastal city is safe.

Maniacal Missile of Doom: Nuclear Missile.  Simple.

Project Eden: Revert the world to its natural untouched glory.  Homage to Eden project in CiV: CtP (Requires Nanotechnology)

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Part 2:


The Evil Genius

Instead of stock avatars, players will be able to customise the appearance of their genius as well as the background, perks and flaws (Similar to the avatar creation system of Tropico).  The possibility of stock characters could still be included (for tutorial, challenge, secret character or DLC purposes) with unique attributes.



Business: As the leader of a large business, you know the ruthless world of management.  But all those pesky rules and regulations got in the way and they tried to take everything you worked for.; now its time to take it all back with interest.  Plus, on the bright side, when you fire someone, you can actually set fire to them!  Cost reduction on all objects.

                Intelligence: You come from the other side, the ‘good guys’.  Everything from your past life is sealed and             classified, but that life is behind you.  You gave your life to the agency and got nothing back, its time to          work for yourself and take what’s yours.  Increased heat reduction rate.

Military: You have lived and breathed a uniformed life and know the rites of command.  For too long you wave witnessed the incompetence of the politicians and faceless men pulling the strings.  It is time the world felt your presence and fell under your flag.  Henchmen and Minions will be more effective in combat. The Militant Perk must be taken.  

Criminal: You come from ‘the family’.  Perhaps you were too ambitious or just in the wrong place at the wrong time, but they tried to whack you.  You got there first.  Now your time wearing the big-boy shoes has come, the world better be ready, or unfortunate things will happen.  Recruit minion’s faster and improved cash rate from stealing.

                Religious: Your followers believe you to be the messiah of a coming age, wether or not you believe it is                irrelevant, as long as you play the part your wish is their command.  Loyalty of minions greatly       increased.  The worship flaw must be taken.

                Science: You are a true genius, a light of science and vision.  Those Neanderthals and there so called                 ‘Ethics’ will rue the day they crossed you.  Speed and rate of research is increased.

                Villainy: You’ve been in the world domination game for a while now; from humble beginnings to the Boss             and you’ve got the experience to succeed where all others have failed.  Increase to all henchman and       minion stats.



                Brotherhood: You form a close bond with those under your command.  Loyalty of Henchman and         Minions is increased.

                Persuasive: Social Minions are more effective.

                Militant: Security Minions are more effective.

                Progressionist: Science Minions are more effective.

Girl Power (F) / Girl power (at heart) (M): All Henchmen and minions are female.  Male Henchman cannot be recruited.     

                Boy Band (M) / Boy Band (at heart) (F): All Henchmen and minions are Male.  Female Henchman cannot            be recruited.          

Hulk: You are in peak physical condition and have the muscles to prove it.  Health and Strength greatly increased.  Intelligence is lowered slightly.

                Perfectionist: Training Minions takes longer but Minions are more effective.

Psychic: Agents within range are revealed (if disguised) and their objectives are displayed.  Elite agents will be immune to this effect (tin foil hats)


                Monkey Man (M) / Monkey Girl (F): All Minions are monkeys.  Wasn’t it obvious?


                Action Man (M) / Action Girl (F): Can carry a weapon and partake in combat.




Pacifist: Can not issue kill tags or use lethal weapons. (Note: This is a challenge flaw and is designed to make the game extremely hard.)

                Rage: Will occasionally randomly kill a nearby minion.

                Incompetent: Missions have a higher attrition rate.

                Obese: You move slower and take up two spaces in vehicles and escape pods.

                Cheapskate: Objects are slightly cheaper but are prone to failure/breakdown/lower hitpoints.

                Reclusive: The Genius will always return to the inner sanctum when not completing an action.  Minions               also have lower loyalty.


                Disabled: Genius is wheelchair bound.  Cannot use stairs.

                Boastful: Will automatically attend all interrogations and executions.

                Lenient: Minions know it’s much better to ask for forgiveness then permission.  Minions will be less      responsive to tags and timeclocks.


                Insane: Incorrect tags will be issued regularly.  (I.e. kill instead of capture)

                Worship: As you pass minions they will boy down to your... er... greatness.

                Halfwit: All Henchmen and Minions suffer a large Smarts penalty.

Nationalist: Your anthem (yes you have an anthem) plays over the loudspeakers every so often, forcing all your henchmen and minions to stop what their doing and snap to attention for the duration, interrupting any task they were doing (provided they’re not in combat).  All Henchmen and minions get a loyalty boost.

                Afraid of the dark: You will panic during night/blackouts.  While panicking minion and henchman loyalty            reduces rapidly.

                Claustrophobic: You will panic in small rooms.  While panicking minion and henchman loyalty            reduces rapidly.






Two types of Henchmen are available.  Stock Henchmen have set appearances and skills, recruited as part of missions or as rewards (Also could be Secret Characters or DLC).  Custom Henchmen have a customised appearance and skillset.  The players starting minion would be a custom Henchman.



Minions remain as they were in the original game and only require an AI improvement (Threat detection/evasion and pathfinding).  Minions may have bonuses depending on perks taken by the Evil Genius.

Goon: Replaces Construction Worker.

Guard: Unchanged.

Soldier: Replaces mercenary, otherwise unchanged.

Martial Artist: Unchanged.

Marksman: Unchanged.

Pilot: Pilots are Specialist Minions required to fly aerial vehicles and Transports.  Pilots also offer huge bonuses to hijacking missions.  Pilots are a Tier-3 Security Minions and train via a Flight Simulator.

Valet: Unchanged.

Spin-doctor: Unchanged.

Chef: Chefs are support Minions that improve the quality of food for those that eat at his kitchen.  Chefs are a tier 2 service henchman.

Diplomat: Unchanged.

Lawyer: Lawyers are Minions that specialise in reducing Heat.  Lawyers work in Office Cubes while in base to reduce heat globally by filling endless suite and injunctions, protecting the evil organisation with red tape.  Lawyers greatly reduce heat generated from missions.  Lawyers are a Tier-3 Service minion and train via a Legal Library.

Technician: Unchanged.

Scientist: Unchanged.

Physicist: Unchanged.

Chemist: Replaces Bio-chemist; otherwise unchanged.

Doctor: Doctors are Specialist Minions that can treat wounds and offer a bonus to stats of Henchmen and Minions that visit him in an Infirmary.  Doctors also greatly reduce the attrition rate on missions.  Doctors are a Tier-3 Science Minion and train via an ER Trainer.


Defecting Minions

When a minion defects for whatever reason, the player as a few options.  The player can tag the minion for execution or capture before he escapes.  Capture no longer resets stats and minion will try to escape.  If a minion escapes, there is a chance that the forces of justice or another organisation will know the layout of your base as your ex-minion has sold or otherwise divulged the information to another party.  There is also a chance that a special abduction mission can be discovered, allowing the player to recapture and exact revenge on the traitor in any way he sees fit (and find out what he’s told anyone).  Executing a traitor will boost loyalty of all minions and henchmen.


  • General

The pride of every Evil Genius is his lair, his base of operations, his home.  Gameplay should represent this by appealing to the maniacal control freak in us all.  Everyone has dreamed of being a supervillian at some point in their lives, and everyone has dreamed of their base, the player has a variety of options, in Locale, Climate and Feature and randomly generates a location based on that.   Players will be required to compensate for a variety of complications and bonuses depending on the type and climate of lair they occupy.  Additional challenges will need to be considered, with comfort levels, adaptation of equipment and weather to contend with.



Cover-Operations a variety of buildings and objects that can obscure your nefarious activities from nosy Agents and Tourists and can also generate income.  Cover-Operations include shops, casinos, hotels, offices, amusements and bars.  If Cover-Operations are built, the lair will have increased tourist activity, which can lead to more heat if managed poorly.


Programmable Alert System

Programmable alert levels allow the player to control the effects of alarms (for example: A yellow alert can be programmed so all security Henchmen are armed and level 3 doors are to be guarded).  There are 4 alert levels: Green, Yellow, Orange and Red.


Improved Security Network

Security Networks are vital for the success of any Evil Lair.  Security Desks can automatically tag any Agents that come into view of linked cameras as Kill, Capture or Weaken.  The PA system will also broadcast what network has been breached.  Players can move prisoners to different Holding Cells without releasing captives although there is still a chance the prisoner will escape.


Multiple Levels

Multiple levels in most lairs provide more dynamic designs.  This is economically balanced with lower levels being more constricted; with less space and more impassable rock and rooms costing more the further down you dig.  Other obstacles can also become an issue (Locale dependant).  Lairs will have one level above ground and up to 3 levels below depending on how they were generated and locale.


Air ducts/Pipes

Air ducts are required for air conditioning in your lair; pipes are required for pumping liquids from storage tanks to other destinations.  Air ducts and pipes do not take up squares of space (they are mounted on the roof) unless travelling between levels (requires a 1x1 square).  The forces of justice can use ducts to infiltrate your lair.  So layout is important.


Floor/ Wall/ Roof Space

Item placement has three categories and can be overlayed (i.e. a floor item and a wall item can use the same tile in most cases.  Use of floor/wall/roof traps will forfeit the space below/beside/above respectively.


Real Estate

At any point, the player is able to evacuate his lair and relocate to another.  Other lairs can be scouted by plotting and potential sites are stored.  Some sites require purchasing or certain conditions to be met before becoming available.  It is mandatory (as explained by a mission) to have a ‘Site B’ planned if the lair is assaulted.  If no site B is available one will generated however the player will be heavily penalised financially.


Damage Mapping & Getting Dirty

Rooms and structures suffer damage from weapon fire, explosions or other events.  Some damage is merely cosmetic, while more serious damage can collapse buildings or cause cave-ins underground.  Workers can clear/repair damage.   Rooms also get dirty from traffic over time, janitorial booths store equipment henchmen can use to clean your lair.



Hacking Satellites offers a way to undertake plotting from the lair using consoles.  Satellite hacking is unlocked through a quest chain roughly half way through the game.  Each agency will have 1-2 satellites with preset flight paths that can be hacked (requiring 4 consoles to be manned) via an act of infamy.

Consoles can be used by Minions to hack into agency satellites to gain huge bonuses for plotting and unique missions in regions it passes over at the expense of heat gain with the associated agency.  Late-game, if you acquire enough resources and tech you can eventually launch your own; heat-free satellite, although this satellite can be destroyed if the forces of justice infiltrate a command room.


  • Locales

Types of Lairs

Islands: Islands are as the first game, providing air and sea access.  Islands have roughly the square footage of island1.

Landlocked: Landlocked Lairs can provide more room to build, at the expense of increased heat from authorities; landlocked lairs have no sea access so supplies come in by truck/air.  Rooms and equipment are cheaper; however construction above ground is of more importance than other bases.  Landlocked Lairs have roughly the square footage of island2 but with more land above the surface.  Heat gains from the agency whose territory this locale occupies increases by 100%.

Ocean Floor: An advanced lair offering exceptional heat protection, however purchasing room is twice as expensive, very little can be build outside of the lair and expansion underground is more restrictive than land lairs.  Rooms are built on the surface as the primary level and are vulnerable to flooding if they suffer a Hull Breach.  No air access is available, making moving Minions around take much longer.  Submarines must be available before moving below the ocean.  There are no climates on the ocean floor.

The Moon: An advanced lair offering complete heat protection (besides super spies), similar to the ocean floor; purchasing anything costs three times what it normally would and very little can be build outside of the lair and expansion underground is more restrictive than land lairs, however vehicles can be built.  Rooms are built on the surface as the primary level and are vulnerable to decompressing if they are breached or damaged.  A rocket is required to reach the moon and shuttles are required to ship personnel and equipment to the surface. There are no climates on the moon.



Some locales feature unique features, like volcanoes, ancient ruins, settlements or terrain.  Some objectives will require such unique features.  Features can offer bonuses, drawbacks or both.

Abandoned Lair: (Not Underwater/Moon) The locale features some abandoned structures above or below ground.

Canyon: The locale is at the bottom of a canyon or crater, underground areas surround an above ground area.

                Earthquake Prone: The locale is more prone to seismic activity.

                Stormwhacked: The locale is more prone to storms

                Natives: The locale (Typically islands) has a tribe of primitives which can be ‘politely relocated’, used or left        alone.  Typically hostile unless befriended, bribed or you become their god.

                Settlement: There is a civilised settlement in this locale that can be utilised or cleared.

                Rivals Lair: A rival villain (or agency in rare cases) has a base in this locale.  Once the inhabitants have               been removed you can claim anything left behind.

River: A river runs through the locale.

                Rocky: There is more unclearable rock than usual in this locale.

                Ruins: The locale contains ruins of an ancient (or not) civilisation, which can be used for cover operations,        buildings or other purposes.

                Volcano: The locale contains a volcano.  Volcanos provide access to lava and can be used as a launching         area for a rocket.  An eruption triggers an evacuation.  Science can be used to calm an unstable volcano.

                Uncharted: The locale is unknown the rest of the world.  Forces of justice will not come snooping until a             certain amount of heat is generated.



Temperate: Standard climate, no bonuses or drawbacks.

Tropical: Storms are more likely in tropical climates and comfort takes a small penalty and vehicles and equipment will degrade faster.  However jungles are abundant and offer advantages to concealed equipment and tourism.

Arctic/Desert: Snowy/Dessert terrain offers a small heat reduction.  In exchange, comfort will take a significant penalty and vehicles and equipment will degrade faster.



PPE is equipment required to go outside the lair in Underwater or Moon Lairs.  Scuba Suits for underwater lairs and spacesuits for Moon Lairs.  Before Exiting the Lair for whatever task, Minions will go to a Locker/Equipment Storage Rack and get a PPE suit.


Hull Breach

Underwater and Moon Lairs primarily build rooms on the surface level, the walls of rooms built on the surface level contain glass panels (for the wonderful view).  If these rooms are breached (by an explosion or a similar event) they will flood/decompress, killing everyone inside and damaging any objects in the room (in the event of Underwater Lairs, objects will suffer a DoT in addition to the initial damage).  Security and Heavy Security Doors (Not Field Barrier Doors) will contain the breach; however they will suffer a DoT until the breach is fixed.  If the Door is destroyed, the breach will cascade until fixed.  Airlocks can contain breaches without damage.


Weather & Disasters

Depending on the locale of the lair, sometimes weather with come into play, most weather is purely graphical, others, such as storms, blizzards, sandstorms, eruptions and earthquakes can damage or even destroy an evil lair.  During storms, blizzards and sandstorms, air traffic is suspended.  During Blizzards and sandstorms, all personnel and equipment outside suffer a DoT to all their stats.  During storms, personnel and equipment outside can be struck by lightning, killing or damaging the struck person/object.

Disasters such as earthquakes, volcano eruptions and possibly doomsday malfunctions are extremely dangerous and can cause massive damage to the lair and possible evacuation.



  • Rooms and Objects

Exterior Buildings and Objects

Containers: Containers offer temporary storage when moving to a new lair.  Containers are (4x2) buildings with no door, containers will disappear once emptied.

Communication Tower: The Communication Tower is required for communication to the outside world; consoles will have no effect if a communication tower is not built, (3x3) item.

Disguised Communication Tower: The Communication Tower is disguised and agents will not immediately regard it as a target, (3x3) item.

Microwave Dish: A microwave dish is required to hack or communicate with satellites. (4x4) item.  Requires power

Fences: Chain-link fences act as barriers.  Fences only offer a minor deterrent against Agents, as most agents will simply cut through or climb it in their snooping.  Fences link to each other.

Radar Station: Removes fog from the Lair map; requires 2 minions to man the control panel.  Requires power.

Runway: Must be adjacent to an Aerodrome, allows Plane and Shuttle Transports to be used.

Gatehouse: A small hut (1x1) that houses a minion that operates an adjacent gate.  Can set gate default state (Open/Closed)

Gate: Comes in boom and fence varieties.  (2x1) object operated by gatehouse.

Roads: Allows fast and wear free movement of vehicles.  Vehicles will use roads if available to their destination.

Decorations: A variety of decorative items for your lair and cover operations.

Hotel (Cover Operation):

Business Office (Cover Operation):

Amusements (Cover Operation):

Market (Cover Operation):



Interior Rooms and Objects

General Items

-Fire Extinguisher: Can be placed anywhere, unchanged.

-Sprinkler System: Automatically extinguishes fires in a room, requires power.

-First Aid Station: Can be placed anywhere and provides a small healing effect.

-Escape Pod: Allows the Evil Genius, Minions, Minions and equipment to be evacuated in the event of an emergency.  Pods have 6 slots of space and can be prioritised for the EG & Henchmen, Minions or loot.

-Sentry Gun: Can now be placed indoors, otherwise unchanged.

-Timeclock: Timeclocks can be set to Security, Social, Science or Any for crewing rooms with particular minions.  Timeclocks can also set numbers of minions to occupy a room.

                -Security Camera: Unchanged

                -Zoom-Lens Camera: Unchanged

                -Disguised Security Camera: Unchanged

                -X-Ray Camera: Can detect disguised infiltrators.

                -Security Loudspeaker: Unchanged

                -Heavy Duty Loudspeaker: Unchanged

                -Radio Loudspeaker: Unchanged

                -Alarm light: Operates similarly to a loudspeaker

                -Janitors Booth: A cupboard that stores janitorial equipment.

                -Dishonour Role (1 only): Lists Henchmen and Minions that wave died in your world domination attempts.

                -Stocks: Can be used to hold (and humiliate) a prisoner.  Medi-evil!



                -Bunk Bed: Unchanged

                -Cryo-Cubicle: Unchanged

                -Locker: Increases minion capacity by 2.  Lockers contain 2 PPE suits.

                -Equipment Storage Rack: Increases minion capacity by 4.  Equipment Storage Racks contain 4 PPE suits.

                -Multi-Gym: Unchanged.

                -Laundry: Maintains Hygiene.

                -Tailor Booth: Allows the player to alter the uniforms of his minions.



                -Reading Table: Unchanged

                -Microfilm Table: Replaces Multimedia Educational Zone

                -Bookcases: Unchanged

                -Brainwasher: Unchanged

                -Brainiac Machine: Unchanged


Mess Hall

-Kitchen: Replaces both mess counters.  Can be used as an interrogation device (3x3) item and seats 6. Trains Chefs.

                -Buffet Bar: Replaces Salad Bar


Staff Room

                -Table Tennis Table: Unchanged

                -Arcade Cabinet: Unchanged

                -Pinball Machine: Unchanged

                -Staff Bar:

                -Bar Table:


                -Massage Chair:

                -Lounge Chair:

                -Egg Chair: Unchanged

                -Water Cooler:

-Vending Machine: Fulfils a small amount of hunger and energy.

-Espresso Deluxe:



                -Pharmacy Counter: Unchanged

                -X-Ray Machine: Unchanged

                -Infirmary Chair: Unchanged

                -Auto-Surgeon: Unchanged


Control Room

                -Control Station: Unchanged

                -Control Panel: Unchanged

                -Memory Bank: Unchanged

                -Communications Scrambler: Replaces Communications Array.

                -Stock Market Watchdog: Unchanged

                -Big Screen: Unchanged

                -Patrol Station: Allows a single patrol route to be mapped.

    -Luxurious Desk: Replaces Inner Sanctum Desk.  It can be placed in both the Control Room and the Inner Sanctum.  Guest Chairs removed from model, customisable.

-PA Station: Where the announcer character sits, starts as a ham radio on a table outside, must be moved to a control room as part of the setup mission.

-Self-Destruct System:  Every good lair has one, when triggered, the player will have five minutes to evacuate to their ‘Site B’ before the lair and everything in it is destroyed.



                -Research Machine (1 only): Unchanged

                -Databank (1 only): Unchanged

                -AI Supercomputer (1 only): Unchanged

                -Environment Chamber (1 only): Unchanged

                -Greenhouse (1 only): Unchanged

                -Bio-Tanks (1 only): Unchanged

                -Laser (1 only): Unchanged

                -Centrifuge (1 only): Unchanged

                -Impact Stress Analyser (1 only): Unchanged

                -Vacuum Test Chamber (1 only): New science device, required to research space objects.

                -High Pressure Test Chamber (1 only): New science device, required to research undersea objects.


Training Room

                -Mouse Maze: Unchanged

                -School Desk: Unchanged

                -TV Studio: Unchanged

                -Legal Library: Trains Lawyers.  (2x3) object

                -Diplomat Trainer: Unchanged

                -Punching Bag: Unchanged

                -Shooting Range: Replaces Heavy Rifle Shooting Range

                -Marksman Range: Replaces Shooting Range Stall

                -Dojo: Unchanged

                -Flight Simulator: Trains Pilots. (2x2) object

                -Laboratory Workbench: Unchanged

                -Chalkboard: Unchanged

                -Electron Microscope: Unchanged

                -Biochemical Workbench: Unchanged

                -ER Trainer: Trains Doctors. (2x2) object


Inner Sanctum

-Conference Table: Unchanged.  It can be used at any time with the Evil Genius and Henchmen for a meeting.  Customisable.

-(Control Room: Luxurious Desk)

-Fish Tank: Decorative item; can be used as an interrogation device.

-Lava Pit/Wall: Decorative item; can be used as an interrogation device.



                -Briefcase Rack: Unchanged

                -Gold Enhancer: Unchanged



                -Metal Detector: This security checkpoint can detect infiltrators but bottlenecks a hallway.  Must be manned           to be effective.  (2x2) object

                -Security Desk: Unchanged

                -Interrogation Chair: Unchanged

                -Pistol Rack: Can Store up to 10Pistols.

                -Disguised Pistol Rack: Can Store up to 10 Pistols, not suspicious

                -Rifle Rack: Can Store up to 10 Rifles

                -Disguised Rifle Rack: Can Store up to 10 Pistols, not suspicious

                -Heavy Weapon Rack: Can Store up to 10 Heavy Weapons

                -Disguised Heavy Weapon Rack: Can Store up to 10 Heavy Weapons, not suspicious

                -Holding Cell: Unchanged

                -Disguised Holding Cell: Unchanged

                -Deadly Holding Cell: Many Different kinds can be researched for flavour.



                -Freezer Rack: Unchanged

-Recycler: Can ‘recycle’ bodybags into nutritional food that’s ok for you; however all minions suffer a loyalty penalty.  Requires power to use.


Engineering room (replaces Power Plant)

Engineering rooms replace power plants as they will be able to house additional functions, including air conditioning, pumps and workshops.

    -Generator: Unchanged, uses fuel.

    -Disguised Generator: Unchanged, uses fuel

-Nuclear Reactor: Nuclear reactors are larger (4x4) and require Uranium to Build. 5x power output of original

    -Capacitor: Unchanged

    -High-Density Capacitor: Unchanged

-Incinerator: Can instantly destroy bodybags but use fuel.  Incinerators are constantly on, making them a drain on fuel.  The incinerator can be used as an interrogation device.  (3x2) object

-Schematics Station: Unchanged. Moved from the Control Room in EG1.

    -Air Conditioner: Lairs require fresh air to be pumped around for personnel to breath.

    -Vacuumiser 4000: Upgraded Air Conditioner.

    -Pump: Allows liquids/fuel to travel through pipes.

    -High Pressure Pump: Upgraded Pump.

    -Storage Tanks: Stores fuel and other liquid substances required for gameplay (3x3) item.

-Workshop: Allows the player to build items, (2x1) item.

-Automated Workshop: Allows the player to build items.  (2x2) item Requires power.



Garages will house repair bays, fuel stations and storage for your lairs vehicle fleet and can be build inside or outside the lair.

-Crusher: Used to destroy vehicles, can also be used as an interrogation device, (3x2) item, requires power.

-Parking Bay: Used as a place to park vehicles, 1 space for 1 vehicle, (2x2) item, no-collide if vacant.

-Repair Bay: Mechanical workshop to repair and maintain vehicles, (2x3) item



Offices allow minions to generate revenue through telemarketing scams.  Lawyers also use offices to reduce global heat

                -Office Cube: A cube desk where a minion works. (2x2) object

-Call-o-tron: The call-o-tron is a telemarketing device that takes the place of 2 office cubes and runs constantly.  Requires power.  (2x3) object.



Hangers are large pre-sized rooms that house and transport aircraft (Helicopters, Planes and Shuttles).  A variety of hangers are available above and below ground.  One hanger is required per aircraft after the first.

                -Aerodrome Hanger: Must be built adjacent to a Runway, houses one Plane or Shuttle

-Disguised Aerodrome Hanger: This hanger is built underground under a Runway and is a large elevator that rises to the surface.  Requires Power.  During a Blackout, if an aircraft is underground it cannot be used.

                -Helipad: A Helipad where a Helicopter can land when not in use.

-Disguised Helicopter Hanger: This hanger is built underground under a blank area of land and is a large elevator that rises to the surface.  Requires Power.


Transit Network

Transit systems such as monorails can transport personnel and equipment along set routes quickly and securely.  Transit requires power to operate.

                -Monorail Station: Allows a monorail to stop to collect/deposit passengers.

                -Monorail Track: Allows a monorail to move.


Misc. Rooms   

Lair Enterance

                -Lair Enterance: Unchanged

                -Large Enterance: Larger version of the Lair Enterance for vehicle access (4x3)

    -Ramp Enterance: Can be built on flat ground and ramps to the level below, (2x3) room

    -Large Ramp Enterance: Larger version of the Ramp Enterance for vehicle access (4x3)



Airlocks are pre-sized rooms only available in Underwater and Moon Lairs.  Airlocks fulfil two functions; they allow access to the outside of the Lair if built adjacent to a Lair entrance and can contain Hull breaching as they suffer no damage.

    -Airlock: A personnel airlock.  (2x2) pre-sized room

    -Large Airlock: Larger version of the Airlock for vehicle access.  (4x4) pre-sized room.



A gallery is an expensive room to keep your loot. (More of a flavour room)



Stairwells, Ramps & Elevators

With the addition of multiple levels, Stairwells/ramps and elevators are required.

    -Stairwell: Stairwells cater to personnel and take up little space only light boxes can be carried.

    -Ramp: Ramps can cater to personnel and vehicles but take up much more space then elevators

-Elevator: Elevators require power and can move personnel, 2x2 item, requires 2x2 space directly above/below.

-Cargo Elevator: Cargo Elevators require power and can move personnel and vehicles, 4x4 item, requires 4x4 space directly above/below.


  • Depots

Depots are the players’ gateway to the outside world.  Depots are pre-sized, allowing only minor customisation of objects/placement within.


Sea Depot

Sea Depots are outdoor pre-sized buildings and can dock up to two transports.  Sea Depots consist of the following rooms:

Staging Room: Where your Minions and Henchmen await their transport and where objects and items are ordered. 

                -Waiting Room Seats: Bench seating for Henchmen and Minions.  (2x1) object, seats 4.

-Postal Station: A postbox where briefcases are deposited and boxes come from.  Comes with Depot, can be moved around the Staging Room but not deleted.  (1x1) object.

                -(Staff Room items)

Radio Room: Where the transport is controlled from.  Consoles are built into a provided benchtop.

-Transport Console: A one man console.  One comes with the Sea Depot; another may be built allowing a second transport to use the Sea Depot.

-Nautical Radar:  Gives ETA references on the players HUD, requires power.

Dock: Where Ships dock and refuel.



Aerodromes are outdoor pre-sized buildings and cater to Helicopters.  Runways can be built to allow Planes and shuttles.  Aerodromes consist of the following rooms:

Staging Room: Where your Minions and Henchmen await their transport and where objects and items are ordered. 

                -Waiting Room Seats: Bench seating for Henchmen and Minions.  (2x1) object, seats 4.

-Postal Station: A postbox where briefcases are deposited and boxes come from.  Comes with Depot, can be moved around the Staging Room but not deleted.  (1x1) object.

                -(Staff Room items)

Radio Room: Where the transport is controlled from.  Consoles are built into a provided benchtop.

-Transport Console: A one man console.  One comes with the Aerodrome; another may be built allowing a second transport to use the Aerodrome.

Stairwell: Allows roof access.

Helipad: On the depot roof.

Runway: Can be built Adjacent to Aerodromes.  Runways allow Planes & Shuttles to be used as transports.


Submarine Pen

Island and Underwater lairs have access to the Submarine Pen.  The Sub Pen is a pre-sized room built underground against a coastal cliff and is a Sea Depot (but only for Submarines) in functionality but can have corridors attached to it and object built in it.  The Sub Pen is a (16x10) room and is 2 levels deep.  The Submarine docks on the lower level and the Staging and Radio Rooms overlook it on either side on the level above, with a Gantry and a stairwell linking the 3 areas.  A Sub Pen is required as an objective for moving to an Underwater Lair

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Part 3: Agents & the forces of justice.


  • General


Heat will require more focus than the first game as it becomes imperative to manage heat effectively or risk being assaulted.


  • Agents

The forces of justice are much smarter then before, utilising a variety of strategies to fulfil their missions.  Agents come in the following Varieties:



Investigators are ‘first wave’ agents.  If investigators discover any heat producing activity or attacked are killed, they will draw attention to your island or call soldiers and infiltrators to your lair.  Investigators will also map out their surroundings, if they escape with that information, future agents will be aware of mapped features such as traps, doors and objects.  Investigators are typically armed with Pistols.


Infiltrators are sneaky agents that steal your money and loot, can set up time delayed explosives around your lair and try to murder the Evil Genius.  Infiltrators carry Silenced Weapons (Pistols or Rifles) and Explosives.  Infiltrators can kill and then pose as your minions, fooling security doors and lair security.  Infiltrators dressed as minions can be identified by their sneaky behaviour or their sneaky walking animation.  Infiltrators will attempt to synchronise their activities with other agents to reap the most havoc.  Infiltrators will also use vents to get into and around your lair if they have the opportunity.


Soldiers are sent to destroy any threats they encounter, they will attempt to gain access to your lair and destroy it.  Soldiers typically carry Rifles and Heavy Rifles as well as Grenades.  Elite soldiers can travel in groups through vents like Infiltrators.



Too much heat will result in all out assault by that Agencies military.  In the case of island bases, will be bombarded by sea and assaulted by marines.  In the case of landlocked bases, the lair will be assaulted by the army with infantry and tanks.  During an assault, limitless waves of soldiers will attack the base with the direct goal of destroying everything.  The only option at this point is to flee with your life and as much loot as you can carry.  If the Evil Genius is captured or killed, it’s game over.  Anything or anyone that doesn’t escape an assault is lost.  Henchmen lost in this way instead get captured (although they lose a life), in which case you can attempt to break them out of prison at a later stage via a mission.


Super Agents

Remain as they were in the original.  Quests to destroy them are rare spawn objectives when plotting in a territory they occupy (inspiring a risk/reward mechanic).



Interrogating captured agents can reveal what their agency knows about you.  This information can be accessed through the Intel screen.

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i like your last idea, the auto-tag. but instead of instantly when the base has been entered, it should be when they come in contact with the security system, so outside as well.


just a question to anyone, how do you think the missions should be? just like EG1, more like an rts, something in between like what you see when you play war of the ring in lotr bfme2 (option to auto or real time resolve)? or something completely different?


i would like it if at least Zian could answer this one, since he put up some crazy awesome ideas.

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1. I have this idea for a couple of days now for a base set in a high-rise building.

It would make a base with "Mission Impossible" touches and feel

With elevators and firescapes.

Instead of cutting/digging you can re-build each story (that's level, if anoyone was confused).


Not sure if the engine would allow such a base.

Or if it is too big a task and too late in development, store it for EG3  ;)




2. Watching agents die on security cams should give a bit of loyalty (and a minion having fun).

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I played EG1 many times over and also modded it quite a bit. Let me tell you first what i did to the base game and second wht i would like to see in the sequel.

-The hotel was loyalty drainign so enemy agents acted like tourist when around the hotel (super agents replenished the loyalty so when they entered all of the agents returned to their duties). Switched some weapons so enemy agents have the most base destroying weapons like bazooka's grenades and flamethrowers while my own minions (ivan) wieklded the double machienegun. (many agents had bazooka's).
-All of the objects where interected when bored making your base very lively.
-base pop set to 300 but minions enemy agents had more health and did much more damage.
-traps did much more damaged but reloaded very very slowly able to fire but once every 3 minutes.
-social minions could be trained in the inner sanctum and science minions could be trained in the laboratory.
-henchman could not be killed by super agents but they are knocked out for much much longer when they get defeated.
-Power generator provided enormous amaunts of energy but could only be built outside (batteries could be built inside).

What i like to see in EG2:

-random map generator perhaps even also without having to follow a same story line maybe even a story line with mission generator so no game would be the same.
-enemies more stronger but also more smarter, remembering your base(based on what previous agents already discovered) have a clear goal and be able to bypass ways like for example be able to blow trough a wall.
-enemy agents more destructive in terms of weaponry, they should use bazookas grenades explosives mines and set traps of their own.
-no nannying your henchmen. they should not be killed by super agents, you could receive severe penalties but you should not have lose an henchman because you where not petting them.
-super agents more effective but less anoying abilities (john steel mayham settign all doors to lvl 1 was terrible annoying i replaced his ability with mamba's one (gay i know) but then gave him acces level 4 so he could always walk trough any door).
-also breaking down to many trap systems was quite anoyign perhaps they could dismantle it more.

-the training and minion spawning style was the best i have encountered in any game do not change that!
-money gathering was good as well but perhaps a few returnable missions to get instantly a lot of money but receive greater retalliation from the world.
-torturing and imprisenment was nice!
-don't do fog of war it is nice to see what enemy agents all did. or perhaps only when the power falls out.
-no "useless" rooms, the power planet was something you built in the back. no one does ever come there not even enemies so make power more interesting.
-money could be more usefull so you could always do something with your money instead of just stashing it.
perhaps when agents are being able to detsroy rooms you would have to spend more to rebuild them or perhaps a huge diffrence between basic equipment and more advanced in price.

-your evil self could be given an option to wander around scaring the crap out of your minions.


If you want a multiplayer type i suggest to send some minions out to attack an enemy lair trying to steal some gold or getting notoriety. Kind of like many of these phone apps work today. It would be very interesting to have a group of minions attacking an enemy lair just to see how they have built it. However! this may not become an annoying thing for the attacked player. perhaps he should not even take part in the defense but just hear that some gold has been stolen. games are all about fun don't make it work like.
Multiplayer types like both a base and start fighting each other rts style is never gonna work in a game like this, games like war for the overworld and impire AND dungeons 2 are proof of this. This is a chill base building game don't change that.

Compared from other games

-keep the evilness, dungeons 2 did a horrible thing nagging the evil you and they payed the price.
-keep being brutal towards enemy agents and your own minions make torturing very very evil.

An idea of dungeons 1 where you first had to entertain your enemies before sucking the soul energy out in torture.
-perhaps it is an idea of handling enemy agents diffrently to make the world less mad about you dropping your heat. Or perhaps let them use in some other way so they could give a bonus in something somehow.
-Weapons forging instead of just having a rack with magicly appeared weapons you should make (or steal) them.
-perhaps diplomatic allies and underworld factions you could join (joining one would displease others and could attack you it's not just the forces of justice you want to dominate. and when they perhaps send representitves to your inner sanctum's conference table (wich was in the basic game way to much empty) you could betray them by killing them to switch alliences and gain other penalty's and bonusses for switching sides.

Well i could go on for many times but these are the main things :)

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