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Hey there,

Firstly let me say thank you for EG2.... been waiting a long time for this, it's enjoyable, but it could be more-so. I am disappointed though that from what I've seen early copies were released to youtubers/streamers to generate hype and no actual beta test took place. I can understand the beta test cease in not wanting to have to change every single aspect to appease people and ruin your vision.... but it's let a few glaring problems through.


Firstly I'd like to point out the warning messages in the UI and how incredibly bad they are in general. I would like to make some suggestions to improve this somewhat, if not entirely.


Currently completed missions stack in the same message ui as things like low money, research halts, combat notifications. This is horrible, especially since they only stick around for a short time, so you're clicking the 9+ messages getting pushed around stats screens and items in training / research and never actually get to where you need to be.


These are my suggestions for the alerts bar and an expanded range:

Red Exclaimation: Contain critical alerts - Forces of justice arrive on island, Minions have entered combat, Fire in base, Captive escaped.

Yellow Exclaimation - Research ceasing, low money, training halted really does not need notification. Low gold (even on higher levels) does not need a pass to stats, a simple audio cue is sufficient, and could be reduced in frequency until > say 40% of gold stores, dropping back to 5 or 10. Hearing an advanced AI speak like a 60 IQ simpleton every 20 seconds really is triggering. Research and training halted DO NOT NEED CONSTANT ADVICE, it is expected that minions require breaks to replenish stats, and it's just adding more confusing UI elements when trying to locate a problem.

*** If anything, yellow alerts could be restricted to low power (< 10) notifications, current build orders outweigh power output, not enough minions for jobs in base (I'm looking at you computers!) ***

Red World Icon - Limited to Shut down notifications / High Heat Warnings (>85% allowing for time to respond) and Super agents entering a zone with a current mission in progress.

*** A NEW GREEN WORLD ICON *** Which STORES completed missions (does not time out) so if you're currently preoccupied building, addressing the FOJ in base for more than 5 seconds you can easily get to what's occurred. Also when Criminal networks come back on line.

Red Evil Genius icon - Currently fine as is, alerts when EG / Henchman enter combat, are in danger.

These are all the things an evil genius must know, and have reasonable access to them.


Now that that's out of the way, let's hit up the world map and some Quality of Life improvements

Evil Lair selection - A very simple one, allow altering (prioritizing) the order in which missions are to send out. If the first mission is unable to send for whatever reason (some of the minions required died in combat on the way, etc) it wan hold up the launchpad for a considerable time, so much so that it's congested and new hires cannot enter the base, allowing surplus heat to build in regions, causing missions that would succeed to fail. Also at the moment the only way to get around this is to cancel the mission and restart it (if it doesn't vanish) which drains resources for no reason other than pathing issues in game. Being able to alter the order will clear the hanger enough for new workforce to enter the base, and be reassigned - ie if your first job required 4 workers, they got into fisticuffs and couldn't make it, subsequent minions in departure congest new workers arrival, you can have 40 workers arriving but none of them will assign to the job until they've entered the base.


Research / Loot / Purchases for Chopper - Some way to speed up the deployment of minions would be nice. That is all.


Minion Management Suggestions.

These are just afew ideas for a reason for minion management... currently you can spend all day getting the right minion for the right job to improve your base efficiency, however the second they are trained, they leave the base never to return. Currently there is no function to the minion management past wasting time. Here are some ideas to make it a more streramlined process, which doesn't require 50 minutes of every hour tracking to ensure the right person has the right job.

Path AND Role selection - Being able to select not only a path, but also a role, so that once the minion is trained they either go out in the field. or kick around and do things in the base. Simple but effective use of resources. This would also ensure that teachers don't need to be tracked constantly throughout the game.

Weapon Preferences - We all like to gear up our team in the way that makes the most sense and gives us the best chance for success. Being able to filter on racks / etc which classes can actually use them helps no end. No more hitmen running around with a club because he refuses outright to grab that rifle. The ability to view which weapon each minion has on his info would be nice too, when everyone's sitting around guard tables you can't see what they have. Not necessary, but would be nice. Auto upgrade to highest tier implementation.

Retraining - So we have a minion that's slipped through the cracks, great with numbers, technical genius. who is a valet. Being able to select a training station to start him training through to that final destination. Simple and effective use of the minion manager to find the right person for the right job (can temporarily exceed role caps in place

These ideas not only create a use for minion management that doesn't require 90% game attention, but can help to create a more personal attachment to your gaming experience


These are just a few of the issues I have identified and ways of addressing them that does not subtract anything from the vision of the game, but definitely improves the playability of the game.

If the Beta Test ever took place maybe these things could have been identified and addressed pre release creating a more polished and rewarding gaming experience. That said, Thank you so much for finally bringing EG2 out, My Max figurine watching over me while I sleep is a great comfort :D All the best!


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Hey there,

I've also got some ideas for some suggestions, I will add them here if it's ok!
Maybe you'll fuse them if you want?


  • When using the Brain Washer, a clearly visible text notice that the maximum population limit has been reached would be nice.
    I hung there for 2 hours until I noticed why it didn't work (max population was reached). Thought it would be a bug.
  • The same applies to too little money for an action.
    Example Max Story: 25k gold is required for the board speech, I had completely overlooked the note in the mission. It never occurred to me that I didn't have enough money. Since a major construction project was going on, the money was always below 25k for 1-2 hours, in other words: I thought it was a bug.
    Maybe add the requirements Gold/Population in the Quest text?
  • If you double-click on the Genius in the UI, the screen section is not centered if "Follow person" is obviously deactivated in the option? Gild for henchmen too.
  • The burglars of the good factions are unusually strong in combat. Is that what you intended? They just don't want to die (no, there wasn't a super agent with them). I can take out the bomber man super agent in seconds, but half of my minions die when they try to defeat a group of burglars
  • (Cosmetical) Somehow the pompous/epic intro is missing when an agent appears in the base for the first time in the game (EG1) :)
  • [Added per 2021/04/12]: Items such as weapon racks, items that can use multiple types of minions: You should be able to choose which exact type of minion is allowed to use this item. Why are my Hitman walking through the dungeon with a handgun instead of an assault rifle?


  • Display on the HUD how many prison cells are currently occupied
  • HUD for recruitment screen: How many normal workers are still available when all training has been completed (total workforce minus planned fighters / servants / researchers = standard workers)

World map:

  • Color coding of countries that are currently idle - the yellow dots can be seen, but the optical allocation is difficult.
  • A colored background for the different factions in the respective areas, possibly with a tooltip which faction it is and which threshold value has been reached

Base construction:

  • The gold veins in the last level seem to have either very little or hardly noticeable value. If the gold storage is too small, the mined gold would have to remain until the gold supply was lower (it fizzles out into nothing if gold ressort is full). Maybe too less gold income for this effort? There are not so much Gold Spots as far I can see (play currently on the Two-Tower-Island)
  • Despite the highest graphics setting, all workers become invisible when I set the last 2-3 highest zoom levels

Thanks :)

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Added a additional point
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