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Evil Genius Online Shutdown


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Keeping these boards down here and eventually move into an archive. 

In case you missed it the EGO for Facebook shutdown on February 6th 2017.





Build an ultra secret underground lair and command your army of minions to carry out your evil plans as you plot to control the world. Achieve global power and become the most notorious criminal mastermind by undertaking immoral missions to increase your power and notoriety.

• Create an evil lair capable of achieving your grand schemes!

• Hire an army of minions and let them know you’re in charge – with executions if necessary!

• Order your minions to hack banking systems, create social unrest and generally be evil!

• Use illicit technology to hatch ever greater schemes as your lair develops!

• Spy on your friends and scupper their plans to achieve rewards!

• Train your minions to become specialised classes!

• Size yourself up aginst your friends with the Leaderboards!



More information on this here: 


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