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Found 2 results

  1. Playing Red Ivan, 24 hours into the game, I am stuck on this side quest. Take Revenge on the world stage has spawned only 4 quests, which I have done (about an hour ago). I have completed two main quest storylines in the process and am now on 'The Abuja Job' main quest. I have scoured the map numerous times, looked behind all of the criminal network icons and it simply isn't on the map. I don't know if its related but I also have loads of the 'Prevent war' heists available on the world stage, despite the fact that I completed that main quest ages ago ( I started this side quest during t
  2. These are all of the optional objectives in Evil Genius that do not have to be completed to beat the game, but if you're like me you want to complete all of the quests Why can't there be an optional objective to beat John Steele??? Optional Objective 1 - Cursed Collection This objective is initiated by gaining 350.000 in cash on island 1. You need to collect 4 pieces of a cursed totem pole. They are found in the following regions: Part 1 - 125 Notoriety Required - Polynesia Part 2 - 135 Notoriety Required - Central Russia Part 3 - 145 Notoriety Required - Middle East
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