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Found 25 results

  1. Great video on 7 mistakes to avoid when playing the original Evil Genius game.
  2. To get things jumpstarted here on the forums with Evil Genius 2 getting closer to launch we're going to start running some monthly contest giveaways. Post content and if chosen as the winner we'll gift you the original Evil Genius game free via Steam 🙂 As we continue to grow so will the prize funds, so keep checking back! You must post in this thread to join the contest. StartDate: 10-01-2020 EndDate: 11-01-2020 @ 12AM CST Rules: 1. You must reply to this topic to join the contest. 2. Post quality content related to Evil Genius 3. Minimum of 25 posts during t
  3. These are all of the optional objectives in Evil Genius that do not have to be completed to beat the game, but if you're like me you want to complete all of the quests Why can't there be an optional objective to beat John Steele??? Optional Objective 1 - Cursed Collection This objective is initiated by gaining 350.000 in cash on island 1. You need to collect 4 pieces of a cursed totem pole. They are found in the following regions: Part 1 - 125 Notoriety Required - Polynesia Part 2 - 135 Notoriety Required - Central Russia Part 3 - 145 Notoriety Required - Middle East
  4. Objective Hints A brief guide to getting through the objectives and missions in the game for the second island. If you're looking for the mission guides for the first island please go here. The following guide hopefully to serve as a useful point for information for getting through any points in the game which you may find tricky. It doesn't list any of the items or henchmen you get at each level; nor does it suggest better base building techniques (these can be found in other sections of the site). However, for a handy reference to some of the trickier sections of the missions, loo
  5. Objective Hints A brief guide to getting through the objectives and missions in the game. If you're looking for the mission guides for the second island please go here. The following guide hopefully to serve as a useful point for information for getting through any points in the game which you may find tricky. It doesn't list any of the items or henchmen you get at each level; nor does it suggest better base building techniques (these can be found in other sections of the site). However, for a handy reference to some of the trickier sections of the missions, look no further. Na
  6. Columnists - Maximillian on Medium "Maximillian on Medium" - Evil Genius Walkthrough and Strategy Guide, written by By Mike Duncan Note to the reader: It helps to read this aloud: 1) in a Mike-Myers inspired German accent, 2) while stroking a white Persian cat, and 3) while wearing a Nehru suit jacket. Introduction Ah, Mr. Bond' sorry, Mr. Steele, yes. You are all so alike! I hope you are enjoying my giant laser of indeterminate purpose. I am not quite sure what it is good for, but my scientists tell me it is valuable. Yes, yes, I see the laser beam is rapidly nearing you
  7. Columnists - World Domination for Dummies World Domination for Dummies, by Philip "Raven" Rossetti Warning: Evil Genius Base may not be held responsible for any court subpoenas, jail time, or death sentences that may occur to the reader as a direct or indirect result of the influence of this guide. Enjoy! Step 1. Location, location, location! It is now time to start your Evil Empire. Firstly, you'll need a place to setup shop. There are three basic Evil Locations in the world, which are: Outer Space, Island of Indeterminate Location, or Underwater. Many Evil Lair packages can be
  8. Here is a list of the excellent and utterly huge FAQ about everything (except a walkthrough) which you can check out... it's amazingly detailed. Written by Saintly, from GameFAQ's. Evil Genius FAQ 2.3/November 20, 2004 Author: saintly@innocent.com The FAQ is copyright 2004, but 'Evil Genius', 'Elixir Studios' and all other trademarkeable names & copyrights are probably trademarked by their holders. This FAQ is not officially endorsed or authorized by anyone. I need help. Beyond the psychiatric or therapeutic help I probably need for my video game addiction(s), I need YO
  9. Here's a full list of all Acts of Infamy and their requirements guide: AOI’s Numbers are listed as: Rewards, [Mission number], Heat, Notoriety, Level, Time, Requirements P.A.T.R.I.O.T. West Coast: American Crime Lord - Reward:None, Objective 2 "Head of the Underworld", 5,1,2,3:00, 5 Technician Entice Mercenary Scientist - Reward:None, Objective 6 "Road to Doomsday", 15,1,3,4:00, 5 Worker 2 Valet 2 Spindoctor Felonious Fund-Raiser - Reward:None, available from beginning, 10,5,1,1:00, 6 Valet Frikken Laser - Reward:Ability to build Giant Laser, available
  10. Ready to design your base on island 2, but not sure how to properly design a cool layout in such a large space? Well, this absolutely brilliant online layout designing tool from Slight. What the Hell? The Evil Genius Layout Planner is designed for people who want to layout their island 2 base while being able to view the entire base at once. It also allows for people to save and load maps so that you can view other people's maps. How to Use Change the room type with the keyboard or by clicking on the legend, click and drag areas with the mouse to create rooms. You can change
  11. Can't find a specific mission or want to know why a cool piece of loot is? Check this out! As a bonus, the locations of all the hostages are listed at the bottom too. The following article is written by forum member HomoUniversalis If you wish to place it on your site, please email me with your request at HomoUniversalis@Gmail.com . Also, please be sure to include my screenname, HomoUniversalis, and you'll be okay. Thanks! If you discover any errors, be it spelling/grammatical or errors in location, please email me on HomoUniversalis@Gmail.com . Your contribution is appreciated, and
  12. A full list of each researchable item and how to find it. The following list is pretty detailed, showing (to my understanding) which items need to be researched with which piece of equipment to create new objects. Please be aware that there may be some mistakes here (contact me if you can find any!). Also note that it really is more fun to find these yourself, so this list should really only be referred to when you really must. If there are multiple ways listed to research a particular item, you can use any combination listed here to get that item. The game will automatically prefer
  13. Game Hints, Guides and Cheats A comprehensive list of cheats and dev modes to give you the upper hand in the game and demo awaits - use at your own risk (especially the dev mode cheats). Consult the mod forum for more information. Not all these cheats have been tested. FULL GAME: Proper Cheats To switch on cheat mode, type in "HUMANZEE" whilst in game. A graphic should appear to show it worked. You can then use the following cheats: Ctrl + S: Set off explosion / airstirke Ctrl + 😄 Add $100,000 Ctrl + A: Army of Darkness (one of every henchman and minion)
  14. General Game Information The low-down on one of the most original and fun game ideas for a long time... With Elixir Studio's first title, Republic, a reputation for originality and technical mastery was born. Since then, Elixir has channeled its collective energies into developing a fun and exciting idea of a game; one that was very popular at release. Well then... what is Evil Genius? To start with, let's see what the Elixir blurb says: In this strategy / simulation game created by Elixir Studios, the player assumes the role of an evil mastermind bent on achieving global d
  15. As we impatiently wait for Evil Genius 2, I decided to MOD the original to allow playing the game as Red Ivan. Unfortunately, I was unable to mod specific elements (cinematics, genius screen animation & genius icon on the bottom of the screen) so this version acts more as an aid to Shen Yu's quest for world domination. If you have any issues with this mod, feel free to contact me so I can update & troubleshoot as needed. Red Ivan MOD MOD Details: 1. Red Ivan replaces Shen Yu as an Evil Genius 2. Shen Yu & Alexis now available as bodyguards 3. Red Ivan + Cloning Cham
  16. With the great news of an Evil Genius 2, I finally completed the first one! It took me just about 50 hours or so. Of cause I have started over a dozens of times, but you know, sometimes you just get tired. A bug is interfering, too many aggressive agents, your henchmen dies of the hands of a Super Agent and so on. SO, what do you do? You give up! Find another game to play, and another, and another. Months and months goes by, and then, you try ones again... of cause, with the same result Now, like I said. I FINALLY DID IT! Couldn't have been more proud And I made sure to have John
  17. Some of you may remember the old Evil Planet website from years ago. It used to be the place to get information on Evil Genius and people chatting about Evil Genius 2 on their forums. It's since been taken down and the forums lost. We did located an archived version of the old website though and threw it up here just for informational purposes if anyone is interested: https://evilplanet.evilgenius2.com/
  18. For those of you interested in the original. You can get it at gog.com 75% off until the end of their summer sale (until June 17th I believe) here: https://www.gog.com/game/evil_genius It includes a reworked 1.1 patch by the community, since the official one had a few bugs that were never fixed. Patch Notes/Instructions: Instructions Download the archive and extract the files into the main installation folder. Download Borderless Gaming in order to play the game in a Borderless fulllscreen windowed mode. Custom resolutions have to be set through the reso
  19. Been a while since I've updated the site at all, but Rebellion is now confirming they will create Evil Genius 2. On July 4th they Tweeted: https://rebellion.com/blog/2017/6/30/it-s-time-to-talk-about-evil-genius-2 Pretty exciting stuff!
  20. BLOFELD http://www.pixelsagas.com/viewfont.php?fontid=199 This distressed, angular font is based on the title logo of Exile's cult-classic "Evil Genius" computer game. Includes full alphabet, extended punctuation and Euro. Includes italic version. Just thought I would throw this up there as my first 'contribution' to the forums... PS_Font_Blofeld.zip
  21. Gallitin


    When you guys play the original do you play legit or use the cheat codes? I've been Evil Genius several times normally but when I want to get my fix in after not playing for a couple months I tend to either use the cheat codes just to get ~10mill credits or before capturing and interrogating the maid I will send minions out stealing until I have plenty of gold. For some reason if you don't capture and interrogate the maid you get no heat ect...from the world map.
  22. It’s a sad day. Rebellion is now claiming that it will not be Evil Genius 2, but Evil Genius Online (a Facebook game). What a disappointment. All we can hope for now is that they change their mine (very unlikely) or the success from Evil Genius Online gives them the needed funding and fan base to create Evil Genius 2.
  23. That’s right, just a few hours ago via the Rebellion Twitter feed, they announced: After which was quickly answered by a Evil Genius fan “Elderbone”. In one of their later Tweets they also mentioned:
  24. Well it looks like we have a bit of hope for EG2 after all. Finally today in their Twitter feed Rebellion mentioned that EG2 is on the “Shortest of Shortest Lists”. That’s better than any news we’ve heard up until now.
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