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Found 12 results

  1. Keeping these boards down here and eventually move into an archive. In case you missed it the EGO for Facebook shutdown on February 6th 2017. More information on this here: https://rebellion.com/games/evil-genius-online
  2. It appears there are at least 3 tier levels of minions. You start with yellow, they are the basic. After doing enough tasks you then get auto leveled up to red dressed minions and finally I just leveled up to a purple tier minion. I'm not sure how much more effective some are than others, but it keeps saying they are less useless. Have you guys gotten anything higher than a purple tier minion yet?
  3. Aaron Gomm from Rebellion confirmed yesterday that at this point yes it’s a closed beta. He also mentioned that they will expand and invite more people within the coming weeks.
  4. So at this point I've played the game for approximately 1 hour. At first it was tough to even understand what to do, but after hovering and clicking through everything I started to follow. You start with a basic abandoned lair with 3 guys in black suits. I assumed they were my minions at first, wondered why they were not yellow, but then was told they were agents. You click on them and click execute and they are auto killed, not by other minions, just out of thin air by a gun. That's a little strange to me as the immersion is missing on this part. After they are dead you spam click on trash and other things in your lair, your minion then runs around vacuuming the messes. After that you install a Money Launderer as that's your source of gold income. It's not self sufficient as each time the green icon pops above it as in the image below you have to click so your minion will go harvest the gold out of it. With that said it looks like you have to have the game open and running to earn gold, but that's no different than any other game. Below is an image of a goal of building your barracks. They build almost immediately, no tnt required. Now here is where it show's it's Facebook style nature. As you can see in the image below, the mission takes 15 minutes to run and you do nothing but sit until it's done unless you speed it up with diamonds that you can purchase with real money. Not a fan of that. That's all for now. I'm going to continue playing and provide feedback/screenshots. It seems like a lot of clicking without much strategy. Even though it's not what us EG2 fans were hoping for it's a start. Now if only it can earn as much as a Farmville type game we may just get our true EG2. What are your guys thought?
  5. Just received this email a few minutes ago, going to log in and give it a try!
  6. Just received this from Rebellion. October 23rd is the date!
  7. Gallitin

    Hot Fix Incoming

    Patch notes to follow!
  8. Penny Foxworth's Minion 101 Your guide to maximizing the potential hidden somewhere deep (and we mean DEEP) within your work-shy plebs. Greetings, it truly is an honor for me - Penny Foxworth - to be able to favor an individual brimming with such menace and genius with this refresher guide to the various types of Minion you will happen upon throughout your glorious chaos-filled career. Not that I'd imagine someone with such inspirational intelligence to need such a guide, of course; if little else, you could always print this guide off and throw it at the buffoons when the inevitably lapse into ineptitude. Case File 1: Agent Minions These meddling fools work for SABRE - a branch of the Forces of Justice whose sole reason for existence is to put you out of business. Under the guidance of the insufferable super agent John Steele, chances arre you will bump into them before you have any time to even settle into your new evil Lair. Thankfully we have methods of 'sweeping them under the rug' for now, but it would be imprudent to think that we will have seen the last of their kind. Case File 2: Spy Minions Whilst you are most certainly the world's premier Evil Genius, obviously there are going to be other people in the same line of work out there. I suggest keeping tabs on as many as you possibly can by adding them to your Evil Syndicate; this will then allow our Spy Minions to do their work! You are able to slip five of these super sneaky fellows into each Syndicate member's Lair every day, gaining you precious Gold and resources to use for your own means. As I am sure you are aware, this has the potential to hugely benefit your progression towards total world domination. Case File 3: Worker Minions Level 1-5 Oh boy, where to start with these guys?' There's a surprising amount of information surrounding these otherwise remarkably pea-brained work puppets, so let's go through each point below. What are Worker Minions? Otherwise purposeless individuals who should be grateful that someone touched by Evil Genius is not only giving their existence some kind of meaning, but is also giving them a roof over their depressingly hollow heads. What can Worker Minions do for me? Your average Minion can actually prove incredibly useful, but given their lack of intelligence and intuition they will need to be ordered around to make things happen. They are able to build new pieces of equipment purchased from the Marketplace, carry out Assignments on different work stations and craft items that you can use for all sorts of nefarious reasons. Sadly they are somewhat messy in addition to being incredibly dim, but thankfully they are able to clean up any pieces of Junk that accumulate in your Lair whilst you are away too. Worker Minions must have some sort of perks, surely? Actually yes, they do. Each Minion you hire will have their own individual Trait, which will give that individual a bonus. Having scoped out a wide range of these in my time I am able to break these down for you on each Minion's information panel, viewable by selecting a Minion in your Lair: Eagerness: Minion will undertake assignments and crafts quicker. Honesty: Minion will gain you more Gold per evil Assignment. Intellect: Minion will gather more experience for you and themselves per task. Loyalty: Minion will stay Obedience for longer. Insomnia: Minion will recover quicker after collapsing through exhaustion. Whilst the above make your Minions slightly less useless, there are some Traits that won't carry any kind of benefit. I won't list them here, but be on the lookout for anyone who seems to have slipped through my intense hiring procedure- there are a couple of oddballs out there. You can execute such examples of course – I will explain the benefits of this a little later. Do Worker Minions ever learn anything? Believe it or not, yes! The more tasks you ask your Minions to do, the more experience they will gather. At certain points this will mean they will 'Level Up', meaning that their Trait will become more effective. Choosing the right Minion for the right task can really give your whole operation an efficiency boost, and is something you will undoubtedly prove naturally talented at arranging. To aid recognition of your more useful recruits, each level of Minion is assigned a different coloured boiler suit. My Worker Minions' names displease me. Can I change them? Most certainly- in fact, if I may be so bold I would actually encourage it. Selecting a Worker Minion and then clicking on their name will allow you to give them any moniker that you feel befits them. 'Useless Fool', 'Hapless Idiot' and 'Pathetic Sloth' are three names I am particularly fond of. How do I order these slackers around? With ease! Selecting a Worker Minion gives you complete control over where they go in your Lair; if you wish for a particular individual to carry out a task then it's as simple as clicking on that Worker Minion and then clicking on the piece of equipment and selecting an available Assignment or craft. The same applies for collecting resources generated by your automatic machinery and Gold from your Gold generating devices Can I recruit more Worker Minions? This is a particularly important aspect of growing your empire. As your Lair grows and you gain experience, you will be able to upgrade your Command Centre- the hub of all your evil activities. This will allow you to build more Lockers, with each of them increasing your Worker Minion limit by one. Why a limit, you may ask? Well, we need to scale sensibly! No point having a dozen meat sacks clogging our corridors and wasting precious oxygen when we've only just started off. Okay, so building a Locker gains me a Minion? Yes, although the busier your Lair gets the longer this process will take; with more equipment and workers buzzing about I need to make sure I am carefully selecting cogs that can fit straight into our well-oiled machine. If you really, desperately need more Minions immediately you can purchase a Recruitment Drive from the Marketplace - that'll instantly get one of them dawdling gormlessly through the door and awaiting your instruction. Case File 4: Minion Talk about ungrateful! Without your guidance I'd imagine the average Minion would be found walking around in small circles bumping into things and making incoherent noises, and yet the fools still dare to become disobedient! I have prepared a short guide on what causes Worker Minions to become disobedient, and the ways you can solve the problem. What is Worker Minion Obedience? The main problem with Minions is that, despite being really quite useless at their jobs, they get rather upset when you actually ask them to do anything. Hence, I deemed it useful that you are kept updated with your Minions' mental state. You can check this by checking out their information panel, which will pop up when you select an individual. How do I know what effect various tasks will have on a Minion? As part of my duties, I have made sure that information available on each piece of equipment indicates the Obedience change it will inflict on your Minions. Select the equipment and look for the Minion Obedience icon next to Assignments, crafts or collections. What are the negative effects of Disobedience? The most obvious sign you will notice is that a Disobedient Worker Minion will start slouching around and moving slower, which is a suitably pathetic thing for such brainless fools to do. This will mean they take longer to get to jobs you have set them. Another altogether more important aspect to Disobedience is that it means your Worker Minions will be doing the bare minimum on all tasks you set them. Whilst an Obedient Minion will give you bonus amounts of Gold and resources from Assignments and crafts, a Disobedient Minion will give you no experience and only have the Gold you're due. Thankfully they will always produce the resources you are expecting, though. How can Ideal with such unruliness? The first, and probably the most effective - and satisfying in my own humble opinion- method is to use a Pistol to execute a Disobedient Minion. Not only will it get the sulking oaf off your roster permanently, but it will also scare your other Minions to an extent where they will regain a good chunk of Obedience into the bargain. Talk about bang for your buck! However, there are numerous other equipment-based offerings should you wish for a more devious touch. For example, there's a fabled piece of equipment called the Minion Tenderizer that... well ... I'll let you see for yourself what that does. There are also Beds and a few other little tools at your disposal to make sure you're squeezing the most out of your Worker Minions, so remember to check them out and use them regularly to keep efficiency at its peak. Alongside these tempting options, you will also notice that you have a selection of, shall we say, 'recreational' equipment that will offer you additional benefits. Gambling tables not only raise Obedience, but also suck Gold right out of your Minions' filthy pockets. Meanwhile, the Burger Bar allows you to feed Minions some highly suspicious burgers to pep them up... thankfully they're too dim to work out where the meat is coming from. Case File 5: Striking Minions If your Worker Minions become super Disobedient, the wretched pain-in-the-necks will go on Strike. Whilst on Strike they will only accept jobs that they will enjoy- ones that gives positive Obedience - and will refuse to carry out their proper duties. You could play it safe and coax them back into work, or you could see how they look in a nice blue body bag. The choice is yours. Case File 6: Minion Exhaustion If you were on a task for a period of time over what had been planned, what would you do? Knowing your level of genius, the answer is obvious: accomplish over and above any kind of expectations! Sadly, when your Worker Minions are in this situation the same can't be said. No, the useless lumps just stay on assignment then become exhausted and collapse. Ugh. What could cause a Worker Minion to become exhausted? Minion Exhaustion occurs when a Worker Minion who has been assigned to a piece of equipment is left on that equipment for a period of time after the task they were doing was completed. The difficulty and length of the task dictates how long this takes; shorter Assignments carry shorter exhaustion 'windows', whereas the longer ones could take upwards of a handful of hours to cause a Worker Minion to collapse. My Minion has collapsed! What now? Well, one option is to leave the worthless lay about where he is until he revives. The time until this happens is displayed above a collapsed Minion when he is selected. Alternatively, if you grow tired of waiting there are two things you can do. The first- and at the risk of sounding a little bloodthirsty, which I can assure you that I am most probably not- is to Execute them. This will start a Hiring process for a new Minion, although you might want to take into account the relative time differences between your exhausted Minion's revival time and the time a new hire would take. The second involves the magical, slightly curiously-coloured brew that is the Revival Elixir. These powerful tonics can be obtained in a number of ways - Syndicate gifts, Marketplace, creating them yourself when you build a Chemical Desk- and when used will instantly revive even the most unconscious, useless of Minions Case File 7: Execution Considerations Disobedience and Exhaustion are two reasons you may wish to do away with a Worker Minion. There are other reasons of course: you may not like the cut of their jib, their name might rub you up the wrong way. You might have just had a bad day at the evil office or just generally loathe Minions. Whilst I am all in favour of this, it is my duty to make you aware of certain considerations you might like to make when lining up that pistol crosshair. Executing Minions with useless Traits. Whilst this might seem an obvious path, consider the time it would take you to hire a new recruit. A useless Worker Minion will still grind out tasks and gain you crucial Gold and resources, so perhaps even the most pathetic of individuals could be utilized for a while before being disposed of. Executing high-level Minions. As your Minions level up, the Obedience boost from executing them grows too. This could seem a real boon and at the right moment- of which you are sure to instinctively know when - can really slap you’re other workers into action. However, consider the time it has taken to train that worker from a futile oxygen-stealer to a mildly-competent meat bag. Part of being an Evil Genius like yourself is to make the right call in these tough circumstances. I have complete faith that every single decision you make will be the right one. Penny's Summary 'The key thing to remember amongst all of this is, you are the Evil Genius here, and no matter which way you decide to deal with any kind of Minion you are certain to sweep all before you in a gloriously evil rampage. Deal with them individually or keep recycling old and hiring new- with you at the helm and me crossing the T's and dotting the l's the world will soon be yours!'
  9. So who else got a beta invite? Looks like tomorrow we will have access. I wonder how it's going to be. I'm imagining it being like many others where it's fun to play at first, but then to speed processes up you have to buy something with real money. If not it's a long grind.
  10. Just receive my beta invite confirmation for Evil Genius Online today.
  11. What a disappointment. Rebellion didn’t listen to any of Evil Genius’ fan feedback. It’s going to be a Facebook and Zynga game as per this article. Hopefully if it is a success it will secure them the needed funds for a real Evil Genius 2. I won’t hold my breath.
  12. Hmm…I’m hearing conflicting stories now, some say it’s a Facebook game, some are saying it’s a standalone game. Guess we will find out soon as they are allowing people to signup for beta access. In 24 hours all the invites were taken and Rebellion Tweeted to expect to hear from them soon. Does that mean they already have been developing the game and we will have access? I was one of the lucky people to get signed up before beta invites were gone. I’ll let you guys know once I hear from Rebellion. Also just noticed, EvilGeniusOnline.com has been registered by Rebellion…
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