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Found 11 results

  1. Great article from the Daily Express on Evil Genius 2: World Domination. Credit: https://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/gaming/1139768/Evil-Genius-2-PC-Steam-Game?fbclid=IwAR0-YxQtPOIwwrMVWP41n6L_wrQmB_PxhlH_5iIbgrB98_c40yhP4JHWAm0
  2. Rebellion killed it at E3 with the awards. Very excited to see Evil Genius 2 being received so well. Congrats guys on all the award, well done!
  3. Tweet from the team at Rebellion having a little fun: https://twitter.com/Rebellion/status/1138879630360829952 D84c-zlUYAEK5fq.mp4
  4. Some more media/props of EViL GENiUS 2 World Domination at E3 Rebellion booth!
  5. Some additional information from Rebellions blog of EViL GENiUS 2 World Domination!
  6. Do you guys think they should have a multiplayer aspect in EG2? I think yes, most games in this era are moving towards it. Don't get me wrong, I think they should always have a single player campaign, but I think to survive it will require a multiplayer option. I'm not sure exactly how it would work. Would you play against each other or cooperative?
  7. Figured we should have a thread of what we would like to see in EG2 in case Rebellion starts looking around on the net. Some things I would like to see: 1. Possible game speed settings - Dunno about you guys, but sometimes, when I was just gathering resources I would have like to set the game is a speed mode of 2x or something to speed up the process as it could get rather boring. Or even when building rooms ect.. 2. More paths in the game based of your choices. 3. More bases. 4. Multiplayer. Thoughts?
  8. As per a letter Rebellion responded to the Evil Genius Facebook page there will be a true EG2. Finally some good news. Although until I see it actually released I won’t be getting my hopes up.
  9. What a disappointment. Rebellion didn’t listen to any of Evil Genius’ fan feedback. It’s going to be a Facebook and Zynga game as per this article. Hopefully if it is a success it will secure them the needed funds for a real Evil Genius 2. I won’t hold my breath.
  10. It’s a sad day. Rebellion is now claiming that it will not be Evil Genius 2, but Evil Genius Online (a Facebook game). What a disappointment. All we can hope for now is that they change their mine (very unlikely) or the success from Evil Genius Online gives them the needed funding and fan base to create Evil Genius 2.
  11. That’s right, just a few hours ago via the Rebellion Twitter feed, they announced: After which was quickly answered by a Evil Genius fan “Elderbone”. In one of their later Tweets they also mentioned:
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