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Found 10 results

  1. With the great news of an Evil Genius 2, I finally completed the first one! It took me just about 50 hours or so. Of cause I have started over a dozens of times, but you know, sometimes you just get tired. A bug is interfering, too many aggressive agents, your henchmen dies of the hands of a Super Agent and so on. SO, what do you do? You give up! Find another game to play, and another, and another. Months and months goes by, and then, you try ones again... of cause, with the same result Now, like I said. I FINALLY DID IT! Couldn't have been more proud And I made sure to have John Steele captured and locked up as I pushed the launch button - I don't want to make a spoiler, if there is still some, who haven't completed, but the end is better with John Steele captured, lets just put it at that. With the completion, I have a question now; - how long did it take for you to complete? And when was this? I'm not interested in a specific date, just a circa
  2. Some of you may remember the old Evil Planet website from years ago. It used to be the place to get information on Evil Genius and people chatting about Evil Genius 2 on their forums. It's since been taken down and the forums lost. We did located an archived version of the old website though and threw it up here just for informational purposes if anyone is interested: https://evilplanet.evilgenius2.com/
  3. For those of you interested in the original. You can get it at gog.com 75% off until the end of their summer sale (until June 17th I believe) here: https://www.gog.com/game/evil_genius It includes a reworked 1.1 patch by the community, since the official one had a few bugs that were never fixed. Patch Notes/Instructions: Instructions Download the archive and extract the files into the main installation folder. Download Borderless Gaming in order to play the game in a Borderless fulllscreen windowed mode. Custom resolutions have to be set through the resolution.ini file, which can be found in the ReleaseExe folder. Playing in Fullscreen and Restoring the Intro Set Windowed to 0 in order to play in fullscreen instead, through the resolution.ini file located in the ReleaseExe folder. The intro is disabled. Follow these instructions. Use StartupState=0 instead. Description A patch for the English version of the game which includes the bonus content and other official changes. If another language is being used then delete the Language folder located in DynamicResources\Custom\Language to play in the native language. Article: Evil Genius Changelog Fixed the Henchmen damage issue against Super Agents on harder difficulties. Fixed an issue with Henchmen and Minions being almost invincible on Easy due to the default incorrect armor values. Fixed an issue with the Big Screen which caused any agents standing near it to be buffed by it. Fixed an issue which caused Agents and such to clip through the Desert House. Fixed an issue with the Do Not Touch trap not playing any animations after being triggered by an Agent. Fixed the Mantrap, the Monkey Tree and the loot paintings casting incorrect shadows. Fixed bodyguards not being affected by Evil Geniuses. Bodyguards will also be healed when the Evil Genius is executing minions. Fixed a bug with the equipment storage rack consuming one unit of power. Fixed a placeholder description for the mantrap skill. Changed the AOI title for the Hunter to something less out of place. Merged all fixes from the official patches. The bonus content has been added. Added most tweaks from the PCGamingWiki page. The debug console can be activated by pushing CTRL+D by default, then opened by pushing the slash or tilde key. Bound the screenshots key to F11, in order to no longer conflict with the default Steam screenshots binding. Widescreen resolutions can be set through the resolution.ini file in the ReleaseExe folder.
  4. Been a while since I've updated the site at all, but Rebellion is now confirming they will create Evil Genius 2. On July 4th they Tweeted: https://rebellion.com/blog/2017/6/30/it-s-time-to-talk-about-evil-genius-2 Pretty exciting stuff!
  5. BLOFELD http://www.pixelsagas.com/viewfont.php?fontid=199 This distressed, angular font is based on the title logo of Exile's cult-classic "Evil Genius" computer game. Includes full alphabet, extended punctuation and Euro. Includes italic version. Just thought I would throw this up there as my first 'contribution' to the forums... PS_Font_Blofeld.zip
  6. Gallitin


    When you guys play the original do you play legit or use the cheat codes? I've been Evil Genius several times normally but when I want to get my fix in after not playing for a couple months I tend to either use the cheat codes just to get ~10mill credits or before capturing and interrogating the maid I will send minions out stealing until I have plenty of gold. For some reason if you don't capture and interrogate the maid you get no heat ect...from the world map.
  7. It’s a sad day. Rebellion is now claiming that it will not be Evil Genius 2, but Evil Genius Online (a Facebook game). What a disappointment. All we can hope for now is that they change their mine (very unlikely) or the success from Evil Genius Online gives them the needed funding and fan base to create Evil Genius 2.
  8. That’s right, just a few hours ago via the Rebellion Twitter feed, they announced: After which was quickly answered by a Evil Genius fan “Elderbone”. In one of their later Tweets they also mentioned:
  9. Well it looks like we have a bit of hope for EG2 after all. Finally today in their Twitter feed Rebellion mentioned that EG2 is on the “Shortest of Shortest Lists”. That’s better than any news we’ve heard up until now.
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