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  1. Certain things you say, colour me intrigued
  2. I wouldn't mind the multiplayer option, but to be honest I don't want them focusing it. I don't want them to take the focus from the single player campaign.
  3. Thank you. Always have been a fan for fun intros
  4. Good evening ladies and gentleman my name is Ezithau. The details of my life are quite inconsequencial. My father was a relentlesly self humorous fish troll maker with low grade worksmanship. My mother was a tax worker for the government with much hairgrowth. My father would party, he would drink and make outragous claims like he beat the world at golf, sometimes he would accuse VCR's of being intelligent, the sort of general mallais that only the genious posess and the insane lament. My childhood was typical, summers on a small island, puffin hunting lessons, in the spring we competed who
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