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  1. the font looks decent, not sure about the background thought..... But i dont think your actually using the background
  2. I've actually never gotten to the best minion before, i always get annihilated by agents and super agents...
  3. I think it would be cool to see another game like age of mythology come back again
  4. I used to play evil genius 1 all the time but suddenly stopped, will be getting back into it and sharing it with my friends now that there is going to be evil genius 2 coming!!
  5. i don't typically use cheats but when i do i only use the money cheat if the power is out and i have no money and the worker spawner to create a massive empire
  6. so are the beta's closed? any chance of getting in?
  7. is there going to be another opening for beta testers would really love to help out and give the game some constructive criticism. Thanks, Brad
  8. I think they should create around four different islands (like what "Daniel" said) and have a map editor available to let people/modders make maps and place them on the steam workshop and other websites. I think there could be a possibility of online e.g co-op with a friend via steam to reach world domination. I hope that evil genius 2 is put on steam and is marketed well on it two, i would hate to see such a great game go to wast from having people never hear of the game. BTW can people who post ideas backup there thoughts and give a example or two... it just makes it a little be
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