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  1. Of course, that's what it's for.
  2. Yes, yes I did - over Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Not really that hard of one to make, largely just distressed and exaggerated angles. Much easier than most fonts I've done.
  3. Going from the Evil Planet mod guide, this is how to set up the population limits for your minons. Very useful, particularly when firing the rocket engine test on island #2. A guide to editing the population numbers, from various forum members Go to your ...\DynamicResources\Config folder, and open up population.ini. Remove all the current settings and then paste: FOR POPULATION LIMIT OF 200: MaxPopulation=200 PopulationEntry=0,20 PopulationEntry=2,30 PopulationEntry=4,40 PopulationEntry=10,50 PopulationEntry=20,70 PopulationEntry=40,90 PopulationEntry=60,110 Popul
  4. There's no DLC on Steam, silly. I was wondering if Rebellion could/would make a DLC for the original game as an 'incentive' for EG2, which is probably two years away. We need to get someone from Rebellion over here...
  5. Just something quick for the site... the trio of Evil Geniuses sized for use as personal avatars...
  6. Only thing I usually alter is the number of minions you get. I also had an alteration which allowed the sentry guns to be placed inside, though it wasn't as effective as you would otherwise think. (Since they don't respond when fired on, you have to keep an eye on them.)
  7. Looks like they're just redoing the old game as much as possible as a browser-based game, going from the screen shot there. But I still am adopting a 'wait and see' attitude towards is. Browser-based games aren't really all THAT great about resources, and it's hard to imagine that 'Evil Genius: Java' can really perform up to spec.
  8. I wonder if it would be possible to pitch a Steam-released DLC pack for Evil Genius 1 in the meantime. Does Rebellion even have the code from the first game?
  9. Not necessarily functionality, even just the theme of the objects. Like "This improved databank would have been really useful in my lair" sort of thing. Traps, henchmen, monsters.. just any ideas that were GOOD in WMD that should be brought back.
  10. Nice find? I MADE this one.
  11. BLOFELD http://www.pixelsagas.com/viewfont.php?fontid=199 This distressed, angular font is based on the title logo of Exile's cult-classic "Evil Genius" computer game. Includes full alphabet, extended punctuation and Euro. Includes italic version. Just thought I would throw this up there as my first 'contribution' to the forums... PS_Font_Blofeld.zip
  12. Steam would be the best bet, admittedly, though I don't think Kickstarter is the way to go here. EG:O could do some funding, but I can't help but wonder if a DLC for the original Evil Genius would do better both to bring in cash, up some engine familiarization, and increase hype.
  13. Hmm.. if October is the 'big beta' run up, they need to do some more blitzing.
  14. I just finished another run, doing more with the research trees than I did previous. Really, though, these days I look at it to give me ideas for expanding the game or making a 'family' game for my kids.
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