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  1. Almost forgot - Minecraft, which is great if you're on a creative bender. I've sunk ridiculous amounts of time into that game. Another that looks promising is Banished, soon to be released (hopefully) on Steam. Not an RTS either but he's building the game from the ground up himself and looks pretty damn good =) www.shiningrocksoftware.com G
  2. Hiya Gall Have to say that EG is a hard one to beat, but I do find myself going back to the "Age of" series released by Microsoft back a decade ago or so. Favorite would have to be Age of Mythology +Titan and games of that particular flavour. Citybuilder classics such as Pharaoh (+Cleopatra), and Zeus (+Poseidon), although their offspring company that produced Children of the Nile seemed to miss something of the original feel to their games. The original Black & White is sometimes still enjoyable aswell, the 2nd ended up being a little too "hand-held" for my liking. Still the pro
  3. Hi there people, Gedder here Just a simple Genius, slightly evil, but without the base funding required to launch an international empire.. so virtual empire will need to do in the interim. One day not too far away the UN will be muttering my name with horror and disbelief - wait for it, I promise you'll hear from me soon Love the game, been waiting for years for a worthy sequel - short of learning programming and making my own I've had to make do with multiple replays of EG1, citybuilders and random god games (I refuse to play Godus however lean the pickings may be!) Signing off, for now
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