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  1. i like your last idea, the auto-tag. but instead of instantly when the base has been entered, it should be when they come in contact with the security system, so outside as well. just a question to anyone, how do you think the missions should be? just like EG1, more like an rts, something in between like what you see when you play war of the ring in lotr bfme2 (option to auto or real time resolve)? or something completely different? i would like it if at least Zian could answer this one, since he put up some crazy awesome ideas.
  2. i must say, that is fricking awesome, you figured out how to create the ultimate EG2. complications aside, you are spot on. if this were coming out soon i'd preorder it instantly.
  3. At the moment an enthusiastic fan of Evil Genius. And heve been waiting and hoping for a sequel to one of the best gaming experiences. For all we ever play are the heroes, it gets kinda boring, now what we want to play are the immoral badguys. I got on the forum because I had too many ideas in my head for EG2, i just had to lay them out somewhere for interrested people. BTW, this evil genius is dutch
  4. Although I'm new to this forum, I'm definatly not new to the first game. And with every playthrough I've had these nagging ideas that would be extremly cool in EG2. 1. Why not make it possible to build at multiple depth/height levels? It would be a real challenge for the player to create rooms twice the height with catwalks from one side to the other. Objects to be higher than just one level and having to be operated at level one or two (or both for that matter). Going from one level to the other brings more strategic options to the player, should there be unpowered stairways, powerco
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