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  1. So from you guys that bought it on steam, it works just fine on Windows 7/8.1? Any thoughts on mobile development?
  2. Signed up myself and am enjoying it so far. I expected to at least be setting some traps for nosey agents by the end of the day, but after about 8 hours of back and forth cleaning/checking mission status, I finished the day with a tech lab, barracks, mess hall and an upgraded control center. No real action- just farmville type play style, build then wait then wait some more, then collect. There aren't even 5 minute missions that I can lure myself into believing I'm controlling the game. Some of the downsides may be because I'm new to the game, but it also seems like I will not be able to play this game on my own. I will have to be that friend that spams my facebook wall with invites to get items that can only be obtained through friends' gifting or spending diamonds. Having said that, I'm hanging in to see what developments come. In more advanced levels, can you build traps and such?
  3. Not only does he stand- on mine, he flashes between standing and laying down but probably same bug.
  4. I had a similar experience as many of you have voiced in previous posts. My friend introduced me to Evil Genius and we both fell in love with the game. When my old laptop died and my replacement came with Win7, I couldn't get the first one to work anymore. And so I have kept searching the internet for some kind of update/patch or even a second one. I'm excited to see what you guys are doing. Even if it's only as good as the first, I'd be happy but hoping for something better... sequels can be better. Right?
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