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  1. Haha! Oh God, I'm so slow At least it's so well made and full of humor, that I returned many times and at the end finally completed And hey, marry Christmas
  2. I finally completed Evil Genius ^^

  3. With the great news of an Evil Genius 2, I finally completed the first one! It took me just about 50 hours or so. Of cause I have started over a dozens of times, but you know, sometimes you just get tired. A bug is interfering, too many aggressive agents, your henchmen dies of the hands of a Super Agent and so on. SO, what do you do? You give up! Find another game to play, and another, and another. Months and months goes by, and then, you try ones again... of cause, with the same result Now, like I said. I FINALLY DID IT! Couldn't have been more proud And I made sure to have John Steele captured and locked up as I pushed the launch button - I don't want to make a spoiler, if there is still some, who haven't completed, but the end is better with John Steele captured, lets just put it at that. With the completion, I have a question now; - how long did it take for you to complete? And when was this? I'm not interested in a specific date, just a circa
  4. Ah I see! But, smarter or not, that's useful. You always want things to be build as fast as possible
  5. No, I haven't. I get pretty far, play it for a couple of weeks. I badly want to complete it, but every time something gets in the way (it can be anything really. A bug that nags me, a corrupted save-file, another game looking interesting etc.) Lucky me, that I don't mind starting over, after a break. Doing it even better the next time I started pretty good this time, but the heat is up too far, so the island is overrun by agent right now
  6. I just played it not more than a month ago. I even got further than other times I played it. Quite proud of my self to be honest And that's even with a devastating bug in the first island. The game started crashing when pushing the research butten. So at the tropical island the bug went away, but I was terribly behind
  7. I'm fairly new to the news about Evil Genius 2, and I must say, that I'm surprised to see, that there are more levels of basic minions now. I like the thought of it, and they are less useless you say. Are they smarter somehow, the purple ones? If you noticed anything
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