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  1. Hi, Thanks for the reply, yes all areas are scouted and each is now at lvl 3
  2. Playing Red Ivan, 24 hours into the game, I am stuck on this side quest. Take Revenge on the world stage has spawned only 4 quests, which I have done (about an hour ago). I have completed two main quest storylines in the process and am now on 'The Abuja Job' main quest. I have scoured the map numerous times, looked behind all of the criminal network icons and it simply isn't on the map. I don't know if its related but I also have loads of the 'Prevent war' heists available on the world stage, despite the fact that I completed that main quest ages ago ( I started this side quest during that main quest). I have had this happen a few times, where I couldn't find the quest marker and then found it but I have scoured the entire map now for hours and it simply isn't there. Please provide us with a cancel / reset button for side quests
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