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  1. As we impatiently wait for Evil Genius 2, I decided to MOD the original to allow playing the game as Red Ivan. Unfortunately, I was unable to mod specific elements (cinematics, genius screen animation & genius icon on the bottom of the screen) so this version acts more as an aid to Shen Yu's quest for world domination. If you have any issues with this mod, feel free to contact me so I can update & troubleshoot as needed. Red Ivan MOD MOD Details: 1. Red Ivan replaces Shen Yu as an Evil Genius 2. Shen Yu & Alexis now available as bodyguards 3. Red Ivan + Cloning Chamber = Red Ivan Mini-Me 4. Recruiting Red Ivan on the World Map is now a cloning mission resulting in Henchmen Red Ivan (Bazooka included) 5. Red Ivan has increased stats & area of influence boosting minion loyalty, smarts, attention, health & endurance 6. Updated text descriptions
  2. What kind of doomsday devices/scenarios are you hoping for in EG2? I’m really hoping for a doomsday rocket/bomb to blow up the world. It definitely would be the best ending for Red Ivan as an Evil Genius seeing as he was known to destroy bases with a rocket launcher, no matter the consequence. Also, I would love to see another John Steele rocket peri ending. Or perhaps an alternate ending, basically where you launch your doomsday device with low minion-loyalty causing your henchmen to mutiny and strap the Evil Genius to the rocket. 😈
  3. I remember playing EG when I was 13. Never made it to past Objective 7 until I played it again in 2017. Since then, I’ve completed the game with all 3 genius’s. I recently used Steam to make screenshots and completed the game in a total of 14 hours which spanned over a week, mainly because I was familiar with most objectives and acts of infamy. Recently, I uploaded Objective X playthroughs on YouTube. And yes you’re absolutely right! The ending is better with John Steele captured! I compiled a playlist containing all of the John Steele end sequences on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLl65bLGmtp3aZYLQaiwuvTltoFEDQ1w7h
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