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  1. What kind of doomsday devices/scenarios are you hoping for in EG2? I’m really hoping for a doomsday rocket/bomb to blow up the world. It definitely would be the best ending for Red Ivan as an Evil Genius seeing as he was known to destroy bases with a rocket launcher, no matter the consequence. Also, I would love to see another John Steele rocket peri ending. Or perhaps an alternate ending, basically where you launch your doomsday device with low minion-loyalty causing your henchmen to mutiny and strap the Evil Genius to the rocket. 😈
  2. I remember playing EG when I was 13. Never made it to past Objective 7 until I played it again in 2017. Since then, I’ve completed the game with all 3 genius’s. I recently used Steam to make screenshots and completed the game in a total of 14 hours which spanned over a week, mainly because I was familiar with most objectives and acts of infamy. Recently, I uploaded Objective X playthroughs on YouTube. And yes you’re absolutely right! The ending is better with John Steele captured! I compiled a playlist containing all of the John Steele end sequences on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLl65bLGmtp3aZYLQaiwuvTltoFEDQ1w7h
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