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  1. I played evil genius for a long time and i would say that there's not enough things to build (personally i just wanted a wall turret instead of traps) so i will share my idea's. i would like to have more disguises like a fake wall door that only good inspectors will find and as tough as a wall. a turret inside the base would be best. add a disguised heavy and pistol rack which is what i felt like it was missing though the disguised rack still had some heat even though its disguised i dunno. i would like a trigger which scans the minion instead and activates the trap if a agent walks in the scanner. also add the option for agent to disguise themselves as your minion and add a auto tag system if a undisguised agent gets into a room which has heat or something and when they are also seen on cctv. i would love cctvs if an auto tag was available on a certain cctv like if someone was seen on that particular cctv tag weaken or capture and maybe kill. the games buggy that the merc never uses flamethrowers which is kinda fine because i think there will be a disaster because of flames. i would like it if you have a plan to add rockets or flamethrowers i would like it if they would try to avoid friendly fire and destruction. idd like it if yellow alert only equips everyone with pistols though that should always be the case since its a hidden weapon i think it should be the stand down one and rifles on yellow and heavy on the red also please allow everyone to have guns lower than the class they have like mercs can equip pistols and such also let diplomats have pistols because it makes sense! i dunno if your gonna do how the first one did but idd love it if you can have melee weapons like batons and chainsaws for serial killer types! add a way to gain loyality rather than just stolen loot like a free luxy food which increase the loyality by a small degree and the rec stuff should increase loyality by a small amount right? anyways i dont like my evil genius standing on the hallway all the time and shouldnt the evil genius atleast have the ability to call backup or guards for him/her and also you should earn some money by the tourist staying in hotels and gambling the money away isnt it? id love it if you add rides and create a bigger island or floor by floor system though it may create some lagits worth the shot isnt it. SO WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK OF THE IDEA'S
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