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    Gallitin reacted to Arctander in Downloaded today's patch, now game won't load in.   
    Full uninstall & reinstall fixed it. Tnx!
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    Gallitin reacted to Arctander in Post Your Evil Genius 2 Base Layouts   
    BTW, I call this one "time to open another Starbucks"

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    Gallitin reacted to Arctander in Post Your Evil Genius 2 Base Layouts   
    More than a few hours in now... though as of today's patch I can't play. Hope to figure out what's up, was having fun.

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    Gallitin reacted to Radman2307 in What Happened to S.A.B.R.E?   

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    Gallitin reacted to Mike in Feedback and Suggestions   
    Hey there,
    I've also got some ideas for some suggestions, I will add them here if it's ok!
    Maybe you'll fuse them if you want?
    When using the Brain Washer, a clearly visible text notice that the maximum population limit has been reached would be nice.
    I hung there for 2 hours until I noticed why it didn't work (max population was reached). Thought it would be a bug. The same applies to too little money for an action.
    Example Max Story: 25k gold is required for the board speech, I had completely overlooked the note in the mission. It never occurred to me that I didn't have enough money. Since a major construction project was going on, the money was always below 25k for 1-2 hours, in other words: I thought it was a bug. Maybe add the requirements Gold/Population in the Quest text? If you double-click on the Genius in the UI, the screen section is not centered if "Follow person" is obviously deactivated in the option? Gild for henchmen too. The burglars of the good factions are unusually strong in combat. Is that what you intended? They just don't want to die (no, there wasn't a super agent with them). I can take out the bomber man super agent in seconds, but half of my minions die when they try to defeat a group of burglars (Cosmetical) Somehow the pompous/epic intro is missing when an agent appears in the base for the first time in the game (EG1) [Added per 2021/04/12]: Items such as weapon racks, items that can use multiple types of minions: You should be able to choose which exact type of minion is allowed to use this item. Why are my Hitman walking through the dungeon with a handgun instead of an assault rifle? HUD:
    Display on the HUD how many prison cells are currently occupied HUD for recruitment screen: How many normal workers are still available when all training has been completed (total workforce minus planned fighters / servants / researchers = standard workers) World map:
    Color coding of countries that are currently idle - the yellow dots can be seen, but the optical allocation is difficult. A colored background for the different factions in the respective areas, possibly with a tooltip which faction it is and which threshold value has been reached Base construction:
    The gold veins in the last level seem to have either very little or hardly noticeable value. If the gold storage is too small, the mined gold would have to remain until the gold supply was lower (it fizzles out into nothing if gold ressort is full). Maybe too less gold income for this effort? There are not so much Gold Spots as far I can see (play currently on the Two-Tower-Island) Despite the highest graphics setting, all workers become invisible when I set the last 2-3 highest zoom levels Thanks
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    Gallitin reacted to Montiness in Feedback and Suggestions   
    Hey there,
    Firstly let me say thank you for EG2.... been waiting a long time for this, it's enjoyable, but it could be more-so. I am disappointed though that from what I've seen early copies were released to youtubers/streamers to generate hype and no actual beta test took place. I can understand the beta test cease in not wanting to have to change every single aspect to appease people and ruin your vision.... but it's let a few glaring problems through.
    Firstly I'd like to point out the warning messages in the UI and how incredibly bad they are in general. I would like to make some suggestions to improve this somewhat, if not entirely.
    Currently completed missions stack in the same message ui as things like low money, research halts, combat notifications. This is horrible, especially since they only stick around for a short time, so you're clicking the 9+ messages getting pushed around stats screens and items in training / research and never actually get to where you need to be.
    These are my suggestions for the alerts bar and an expanded range:
    Red Exclaimation: Contain critical alerts - Forces of justice arrive on island, Minions have entered combat, Fire in base, Captive escaped.
    Yellow Exclaimation - Research ceasing, low money, training halted really does not need notification. Low gold (even on higher levels) does not need a pass to stats, a simple audio cue is sufficient, and could be reduced in frequency until > say 40% of gold stores, dropping back to 5 or 10. Hearing an advanced AI speak like a 60 IQ simpleton every 20 seconds really is triggering. Research and training halted DO NOT NEED CONSTANT ADVICE, it is expected that minions require breaks to replenish stats, and it's just adding more confusing UI elements when trying to locate a problem.
    *** If anything, yellow alerts could be restricted to low power (< 10) notifications, current build orders outweigh power output, not enough minions for jobs in base (I'm looking at you computers!) ***
    Red World Icon - Limited to Shut down notifications / High Heat Warnings (>85% allowing for time to respond) and Super agents entering a zone with a current mission in progress.
    *** A NEW GREEN WORLD ICON *** Which STORES completed missions (does not time out) so if you're currently preoccupied building, addressing the FOJ in base for more than 5 seconds you can easily get to what's occurred. Also when Criminal networks come back on line.
    Red Evil Genius icon - Currently fine as is, alerts when EG / Henchman enter combat, are in danger.
    These are all the things an evil genius must know, and have reasonable access to them.
    Now that that's out of the way, let's hit up the world map and some Quality of Life improvements
    Evil Lair selection - A very simple one, allow altering (prioritizing) the order in which missions are to send out. If the first mission is unable to send for whatever reason (some of the minions required died in combat on the way, etc) it wan hold up the launchpad for a considerable time, so much so that it's congested and new hires cannot enter the base, allowing surplus heat to build in regions, causing missions that would succeed to fail. Also at the moment the only way to get around this is to cancel the mission and restart it (if it doesn't vanish) which drains resources for no reason other than pathing issues in game. Being able to alter the order will clear the hanger enough for new workforce to enter the base, and be reassigned - ie if your first job required 4 workers, they got into fisticuffs and couldn't make it, subsequent minions in departure congest new workers arrival, you can have 40 workers arriving but none of them will assign to the job until they've entered the base.
    Research / Loot / Purchases for Chopper - Some way to speed up the deployment of minions would be nice. That is all.
    Minion Management Suggestions.
    These are just afew ideas for a reason for minion management... currently you can spend all day getting the right minion for the right job to improve your base efficiency, however the second they are trained, they leave the base never to return. Currently there is no function to the minion management past wasting time. Here are some ideas to make it a more streramlined process, which doesn't require 50 minutes of every hour tracking to ensure the right person has the right job.
    Path AND Role selection - Being able to select not only a path, but also a role, so that once the minion is trained they either go out in the field. or kick around and do things in the base. Simple but effective use of resources. This would also ensure that teachers don't need to be tracked constantly throughout the game.
    Weapon Preferences - We all like to gear up our team in the way that makes the most sense and gives us the best chance for success. Being able to filter on racks / etc which classes can actually use them helps no end. No more hitmen running around with a club because he refuses outright to grab that rifle. The ability to view which weapon each minion has on his info would be nice too, when everyone's sitting around guard tables you can't see what they have. Not necessary, but would be nice. Auto upgrade to highest tier implementation.
    Retraining - So we have a minion that's slipped through the cracks, great with numbers, technical genius. who is a valet. Being able to select a training station to start him training through to that final destination. Simple and effective use of the minion manager to find the right person for the right job (can temporarily exceed role caps in place
    These ideas not only create a use for minion management that doesn't require 90% game attention, but can help to create a more personal attachment to your gaming experience
    These are just a few of the issues I have identified and ways of addressing them that does not subtract anything from the vision of the game, but definitely improves the playability of the game.
    If the Beta Test ever took place maybe these things could have been identified and addressed pre release creating a more polished and rewarding gaming experience. That said, Thank you so much for finally bringing EG2 out, My Max figurine watching over me while I sleep is a great comfort All the best!
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    Gallitin reacted to Kiliso in Will There Be Console Commands Like The First Game.   
    I can confirm that there is a console. ss
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    Gallitin reacted to EvilWaggy in New Player - New Let's Player - Would appricate any advice on how to play the game to get the best experience   
    As I said in the title,
    Heres my video, first time ever playing an Evil Genius title so go easy! Maybe sub and watch my progression as I learn!
    Will have better audio next time, made an ass of audacity as im still new.
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    Gallitin reacted to rotten in Hilary clinton?   
    I don't mean to be funny but what's the name of this evil genius? Is it supposed to look like Hillary Clinton? Is it actually representing Hillary?

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    Gallitin reacted to JohnSteele in Evil Genius: Red Ivan   
    As we impatiently wait for Evil Genius 2, I decided to MOD the original to allow playing the game as Red Ivan. Unfortunately, I was unable to mod specific elements (cinematics, genius screen animation & genius icon on the bottom of the screen) so this version acts more as an aid to Shen Yu's quest for world domination. If you have any issues with this mod, feel free to contact me so I can update & troubleshoot as needed.
    Red Ivan MOD
    MOD Details:
    1. Red Ivan replaces Shen Yu as an Evil Genius
    2. Shen Yu & Alexis now available as bodyguards
    3. Red Ivan + Cloning Chamber = Red Ivan Mini-Me
    4. Recruiting Red Ivan on the World Map is now a cloning mission resulting in Henchmen Red Ivan (Bazooka included)
    5. Red Ivan has increased stats & area of influence boosting minion loyalty, smarts, attention, health & endurance
    6. Updated text descriptions
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    Gallitin got a reaction from JohnSteele in Evil Genius 2: World Domination – Gameplay Trailer   
    Rebellion have released a Gameplay Trailer for the upcoming release of Evil Genius 2: World Domination.
    It looks like a genuine successor to  Evil Genius, but this time higher fidelity, and with a multi-tier base construction system.
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    Gallitin got a reaction from JohnSteele in Evil Genius 2 Doomsday   
    Ah cool ideas, maybe a terminator/matrix ending where machines/computers take over?  
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    Gallitin reacted to JohnSteele in I finally completed Evil Genius!   
    I remember playing EG when I was 13. Never made it to past Objective 7 until I played it again in 2017. Since then, I’ve completed the game with all 3 genius’s. I recently used Steam to make screenshots and completed the game in a total of 14 hours which spanned over a week, mainly because I was familiar with most objectives and acts of infamy.
    Recently, I uploaded Objective X playthroughs on YouTube. And yes you’re absolutely right! The ending is better with John Steele captured! I compiled a playlist containing all of the John Steele end sequences on YouTube.

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    Gallitin reacted to JohnSteele in Evil Genius 2 Doomsday   
    What kind of doomsday devices/scenarios are you hoping for in EG2?

    I’m really hoping for a doomsday rocket/bomb to blow up the world. It definitely would be the best ending for Red Ivan as an Evil Genius seeing as he was known to destroy bases with a rocket launcher, no matter the consequence.
    Also, I would love to see another John Steele rocket peri ending. Or perhaps an alternate ending, basically where you launch your doomsday device with low minion-loyalty causing your henchmen to mutiny and strap the Evil Genius to the rocket. 😈
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    Gallitin reacted to StylisticSagittarius in Multiplayer   
    If they make it a multiplayer game they should make somethign like many of these base building phone apps, where you basicly send minions to others people lair try to steal as much as possible and then return.

    This way you can get decent glimps of how other players build their base whilst getting a reward for it. And making it not suck to hard for the defending player if his base got defeated.

    p.s. it has to be auite a bit more than a phone app tough. it would be nice to having only then be able to control your minions (who are at that point off course much stronger then the defending ones). and fight your ways trough the base. considering fog of war so you can only see the parts you have explored. and also setting of traps when you don't detect them.

    But more than that ou should stick mostly to the or a singleplayer campaign.
    perhaps even a singleplayer camaping that never ends but then we are going way to far from the topic.
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    Gallitin reacted to StylisticSagittarius in Evil Genius 2 Ideas   
    I played EG1 many times over and also modded it quite a bit. Let me tell you first what i did to the base game and second wht i would like to see in the sequel.

    -The hotel was loyalty drainign so enemy agents acted like tourist when around the hotel (super agents replenished the loyalty so when they entered all of the agents returned to their duties). Switched some weapons so enemy agents have the most base destroying weapons like bazooka's grenades and flamethrowers while my own minions (ivan) wieklded the double machienegun. (many agents had bazooka's).
    -All of the objects where interected when bored making your base very lively.
    -base pop set to 300 but minions enemy agents had more health and did much more damage.
    -traps did much more damaged but reloaded very very slowly able to fire but once every 3 minutes.
    -social minions could be trained in the inner sanctum and science minions could be trained in the laboratory.
    -henchman could not be killed by super agents but they are knocked out for much much longer when they get defeated.
    -Power generator provided enormous amaunts of energy but could only be built outside (batteries could be built inside).

    What i like to see in EG2:

    -random map generator perhaps even also without having to follow a same story line maybe even a story line with mission generator so no game would be the same.
    -enemies more stronger but also more smarter, remembering your base(based on what previous agents already discovered) have a clear goal and be able to bypass ways like for example be able to blow trough a wall.
    -enemy agents more destructive in terms of weaponry, they should use bazookas grenades explosives mines and set traps of their own.
    -no nannying your henchmen. they should not be killed by super agents, you could receive severe penalties but you should not have lose an henchman because you where not petting them.
    -super agents more effective but less anoying abilities (john steel mayham settign all doors to lvl 1 was terrible annoying i replaced his ability with mamba's one (gay i know) but then gave him acces level 4 so he could always walk trough any door).
    -also breaking down to many trap systems was quite anoyign perhaps they could dismantle it more.

    -the training and minion spawning style was the best i have encountered in any game do not change that!
    -money gathering was good as well but perhaps a few returnable missions to get instantly a lot of money but receive greater retalliation from the world.
    -torturing and imprisenment was nice!
    -don't do fog of war it is nice to see what enemy agents all did. or perhaps only when the power falls out.
    -no "useless" rooms, the power planet was something you built in the back. no one does ever come there not even enemies so make power more interesting.
    -money could be more usefull so you could always do something with your money instead of just stashing it.
    perhaps when agents are being able to detsroy rooms you would have to spend more to rebuild them or perhaps a huge diffrence between basic equipment and more advanced in price.

    -your evil self could be given an option to wander around scaring the crap out of your minions.


    If you want a multiplayer type i suggest to send some minions out to attack an enemy lair trying to steal some gold or getting notoriety. Kind of like many of these phone apps work today. It would be very interesting to have a group of minions attacking an enemy lair just to see how they have built it. However! this may not become an annoying thing for the attacked player. perhaps he should not even take part in the defense but just hear that some gold has been stolen. games are all about fun don't make it work like.
    Multiplayer types like both a base and start fighting each other rts style is never gonna work in a game like this, games like war for the overworld and impire AND dungeons 2 are proof of this. This is a chill base building game don't change that.

    Compared from other games

    -keep the evilness, dungeons 2 did a horrible thing nagging the evil you and they payed the price.
    -keep being brutal towards enemy agents and your own minions make torturing very very evil.

    An idea of dungeons 1 where you first had to entertain your enemies before sucking the soul energy out in torture.
    -perhaps it is an idea of handling enemy agents diffrently to make the world less mad about you dropping your heat. Or perhaps let them use in some other way so they could give a bonus in something somehow.
    -Weapons forging instead of just having a rack with magicly appeared weapons you should make (or steal) them.
    -perhaps diplomatic allies and underworld factions you could join (joining one would displease others and could attack you it's not just the forces of justice you want to dominate. and when they perhaps send representitves to your inner sanctum's conference table (wich was in the basic game way to much empty) you could betray them by killing them to switch alliences and gain other penalty's and bonusses for switching sides.

    Well i could go on for many times but these are the main things
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    Gallitin got a reaction from Robertcype in Beta Invite Received   
    Just receive my beta invite confirmation for Evil Genius Online today.
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    Gallitin got a reaction from SailtMobSoamb in Beta Invite Received   
    Just receive my beta invite confirmation for Evil Genius Online today.
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    Gallitin got a reaction from KennethPr in Level 3 Command Centre - Resitors   
    So I need two of these to go to level 3 on my Command Center. 

    It says I have to request them from a syndicate. So I do this with other playing the game under the community tab. Have yet to get any though. 

    Is that mechanic working for anyone?
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    Gallitin got a reaction from Stend in I finally completed Evil Genius!   
    Nice job!
    It took me about 2 weeks the first time or so.
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    Gallitin reacted to Stend in I finally completed Evil Genius!   
    With the great news of an Evil Genius 2, I finally completed the first one!   It took me just about 50 hours or so.
    Of cause I have started over a dozens of times, but you know, sometimes you just get tired. A bug is interfering, too many aggressive agents, your henchmen dies of the hands of a Super Agent and so on. SO, what do you do? You give up! Find another game to play, and another, and another. Months and months goes by, and then, you try ones again... of cause, with the same result   
    Now, like I said. I FINALLY DID IT! Couldn't have been more proud  And I made sure to have John Steele captured and locked up as I pushed the launch button 
    - I don't want to make a spoiler, if there is still some, who haven't completed, but the end is better with John Steele captured, lets just put it at that.
    With the completion, I have a question now;
    - how long did it take for you to complete? And when was this? I'm not interested in a specific date, just a circa 
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    Gallitin reacted to parozi in Hey there   
    Hi there i'm Ozan(real life name ) i played this game back then i didnt know english even those times i enjoyed this game recently i played this game for a second round now i was waiting for a sequel for like 7-8 years so thats all about it
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    Gallitin got a reaction from BerniusMaximus in Evil Genius Online Beta has Arrived!   
    Right now yes, I'll invite via the beta invite thread once I have some to hand out.
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    Gallitin reacted to BradTheBroccoli in Salutations!   
    I think it would be cool to see another game like age of mythology come back again
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