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  1. Have you scouted all areas and opened all of the countries on the map yet?
  2. I'm not having any issues, have you tried reinstalling or rebooting?
  3. Interesting, must be a bug then.
  4. Did you build the "Floorshow" item in your casino?
  5. For some reason my Gold Commitments are stuck at 300,000 all the time. There is nothing pending building in my base so doesn't make any sense, it's been this way for over a day now. Anyone else having this issue or ideas?
  6. Has anyone figured out how to get the Super Computer yet? It's a requirement to unlock the research for the Computer Array that I want. Tired of interrogating agents to gather intel. From what I'm reading the Computer Array will automatically generate intel.
  7. I finally made it to this quest. I had to place a "Floorshow" in my casino for him to perform on.
  8. It's one of the purple markers on the map, bigger marker than the normal purple quests. There are several of them in different regions.
  9. So at first glance I couldn't see how you destroy a room. I clicked and sold all of the items in there, but still no option to destroy no matter where or what I clicked. After messing around for a bit I found that you have to fill the room with dirt to completely remove it.
  10. It’s the end of the world as we know it, and we feel…villainous! To celebrate Evil Genius 2’s release on Steam, we’ve unveiled a brand-new trailer – watch it right here! Don’t forget that we’ve also got the Evil Genius 2 Deluxe Edition – which comes with the base game, additional in-game items and the Season Pass (also available separately.) We’d tell you who the new Genius in the season pass is…but then we’d have to kill you. So don’t delay – take over the world today!
  11. Has anyone figured out how to navigate your base using the arrow keys? In EG1 I could fly around the base with the keyboard arrows vs the mouse and found it easier to control. The only way in EG2 that I can do this is with the mouse, but seems slower and sluggish.
  12. Only a few hours in, but here's my base so far, went with the default base and Zalika. What's yours look like??
  13. Does anyone else know what the difference between Vulkan and DX12 mode is when launching the game? I've tried both, on Vulkan the interface seems laggy and slower. DX12 runs way smoother on my machine. Assuming this means Vulkan is some kind of higher graphics setting? My graphics card is a NVIDIA 2080.
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