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  2. Hi. Try with the option "lure". It worked for me.
  3. Hi guys, I've completed the Jubei quest line where he comes with 2 students to attack you. In this current playthrough the issue is that when Jubei turns up there's an issue with his health. It appears that when an attack should send his health into the negative, its actually applied as a positive meaning he cant actually be defeated. My entire lair of 300 minions are lined up to fight him 6 at a time and are slowly being picked off 1 by 1. Is this a known error? Or am I going to have to start the game again and select him as my first henchman to avoid this bug?
  4. I'm also having a bug with Incendio. Did anyone get this solved? I'm on "Fire in the Hole". Incendio is wandering the lair but Ignacio was never triggered. From what I'm reading, I was supposed to let him out of his cell... but he was never in his cell. Any work around for this?
  5. The quest "The other most dangerous game" requires me to kill Agent X in the lair. However i've already dispatched him so the side quest is stuck, and it looks like there is no way to cancel a quest so i'm stuck. Has anyone else found this, and is it likely to get fixed any time soon? I would attach a save but they are too big, happy to send if it helps.
  6. I have tried again and the vulkan option is still gray and disabled and the game closes just when starting
  7. I have tried again and the vulkan option is still gray and disabled and the game closes just when starting
  8. The game does not start I have followed all the steps on this website: https://quoramarketing.com/fix-evil-genius-2-crashing-crash-at-startup-wont-launch-stuck-at-loading/ 1. I have tried to force the borderless window in the game launcher 2. Updated drivers 3. Run Evil Genius 2 after clean boot 4. Update or reinstall DirectX files 5. Repair corrupt game files 6. Disable Steam Overlay I have not gotten it to work , any ideas? My pc specifications: InterCore i5 12GB RAM 64 bit In my case the play button (vulkan) is gray and does not work. With Dx12 hangs on black s
  9. Hi, Thanks for the reply, yes all areas are scouted and each is now at lvl 3
  10. Just did a reboot, no fix. Now I'm reinstalling it. BTW, where on my HD are the "local" saved games?
  11. BTW, I call this one "time to open another Starbucks"
  12. Have you scouted all areas and opened all of the countries on the map yet?
  13. I'm not having any issues, have you tried reinstalling or rebooting?
  14. More than a few hours in now... though as of today's patch I can't play. Hope to figure out what's up, was having fun.
  15. Was working fine up til the patch (I did have two crashes in 60 hrs of play, and submitted the crash reports.) Tried to load in to the game after today's patch and it won't get past the opening splash screen (with the saving spinning reels in the top right corner.) Tried to use Vulcan for the first time, it hangs at the same spot. Anyone else having issues? Any suggestions?
  16. Playing Red Ivan, 24 hours into the game, I am stuck on this side quest. Take Revenge on the world stage has spawned only 4 quests, which I have done (about an hour ago). I have completed two main quest storylines in the process and am now on 'The Abuja Job' main quest. I have scoured the map numerous times, looked behind all of the criminal network icons and it simply isn't on the map. I don't know if its related but I also have loads of the 'Prevent war' heists available on the world stage, despite the fact that I completed that main quest ages ago ( I started this side quest during t
  17. Interesting, must be a bug then.
  18. Yes, then he set hole casino fire. Then i captured him and put holding cell.there i send him freeze ray.But then he just walk in casino?
  19. Did you build the "Floorshow" item in your casino?
  20. For some reason my Gold Commitments are stuck at 300,000 all the time. There is nothing pending building in my base so doesn't make any sense, it's been this way for over a day now. Anyone else having this issue or ideas?
  21. I manage to interrogate him at a freeze ray but still quest is unsolved. Now he just wander again in casino. Traits:capture this person but all buttons are grey so i canĀ“t do him nothing anymore? BUG
  22. Has anyone figured out how to get the Super Computer yet? It's a requirement to unlock the research for the Computer Array that I want. Tired of interrogating agents to gather intel. From what I'm reading the Computer Array will automatically generate intel.
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