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  2. @JohnSteele that's awesome nice work!
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  4. As we impatiently wait for Evil Genius 2, I decided to MOD the original to allow playing the game as Red Ivan. Unfortunately, I was unable to mod specific elements (cinematics, genius screen animation & genius icon on the bottom of the screen) so this version acts more as an aid to Shen Yu's quest for world domination. If you have any issues with this mod, feel free to contact me so I can update & troubleshoot as needed. Red Ivan MOD MOD Details: 1. Red Ivan replaces Shen Yu as an Evil Genius 2. Shen Yu & Alexis now available as bodyguards 3. Red Ivan + Cloning Chamber = Red Ivan Mini-Me 4. Recruiting Red Ivan on the World Map is now a cloning mission resulting in Henchmen Red Ivan (Bazooka included) 5. Red Ivan has increased stats & area of influence boosting minion loyalty, smarts, attention, health & endurance 6. Updated text descriptions
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  6. Bonjour etant un fan inconditionel d evil genuis je scrupte tous les jours des news et j adorerait participer a la beta
  7. This game was my childhood. Send me an invitation too please! :D
  8. Wishlist Evil Genius 2: World Domination on Steam http://reb.to/EvilGenius2WDWish Sign-up NOW for all the latest information, a FREE Evil Genius Soundtrack, a FREE Evil Genius 2 in-game item*, and more at https://evilgeniusgame.com/
  9. Press releases and in game screenshots from the Evil Genius 2 Dropbox folder. Evil-Genius-2-Gameplay-Trailer-Press-Release.docx Evil-Genius-2-Guerrilla-Collective-Press-Release.docx
  10. Rebellion have released a Gameplay Trailer for the upcoming release of Evil Genius 2: World Domination. It looks like a genuine successor to Evil Genius, but this time higher fidelity, and with a multi-tier base construction system.
  11. There are non for #2, but getting close to a release:
  12. Gallitin


    Welcome to the board! Almost time:
  13. Hello. I'm signed up and really like to participate in beta. Let me be your henchman, comrade. From Russia with love :)
  14. Hi, I signed up. Please can I get Invitation. TY KR
  15. Hello dear soon henchman, Since I have now often triggered the doomdays in Evil Genius 1, it would be time for further crimes. I would like to have a beta key to recruit new henchmen.
  16. I'd love to beta test and know a few others who would as well
  17. There has been a communication drought for nearly a year and we're getting into Q2-2020. What's the status on development? Have beta invites started going out?
  18. Hi there, I really really would like to participate in beta. It would keep me at home :) KR
  19. Hello, I post a message to may access to the beta version. Please accept my request !! Kind Regards Raphael
  20. AliasZero


    Just wanted to say hello and what a HUGE fan I am of the original Evil Genius ! I'm super excited about the title and have been waiting along time to play this, now I also get to share it with my daughter.
  21. Ah cool ideas, maybe a terminator/matrix ending where machines/computers take over?
  22. What kind of doomsday devices/scenarios are you hoping for in EG2? I’m really hoping for a doomsday rocket/bomb to blow up the world. It definitely would be the best ending for Red Ivan as an Evil Genius seeing as he was known to destroy bases with a rocket launcher, no matter the consequence. Also, I would love to see another John Steele rocket peri ending. Or perhaps an alternate ending, basically where you launch your doomsday device with low minion-loyalty causing your henchmen to mutiny and strap the Evil Genius to the rocket. 😈
  23. I remember playing EG when I was 13. Never made it to past Objective 7 until I played it again in 2017. Since then, I’ve completed the game with all 3 genius’s. I recently used Steam to make screenshots and completed the game in a total of 14 hours which spanned over a week, mainly because I was familiar with most objectives and acts of infamy. Recently, I uploaded Objective X playthroughs on YouTube. And yes you’re absolutely right! The ending is better with John Steele captured! I compiled a playlist containing all of the John Steele end sequences on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLl65bLGmtp3aZYLQaiwuvTltoFEDQ1w7h
  24. Key Changes Version 4.4.6 is a maintenance update to fix issues reported since 4.4.5. Additional Information Security Fixed an issue where a malicious user may be able to identify the full path to a file uploaded to a custom field. Core Added support for MySQL 8. Improved security headers on error pages. Changed the "Who follows this" page to instruct bots not to index the page for SEO purposes. Moved the Club Members Box to the sidebar when the club information are shown in the sidebar. Fixed an error visiting the full notifications screen when the user has no notifications. Fixed an issue where old messenger links may not redirect correctly. Fixed an issue where new comment notifications can show an incorrect read status. Fixed club sorting preference being lost when navigating to another page of clubs. Fixed an issue where the "Bypass word and link filters" setting was not honored for links. Fixed attachments not being properly claimed when added to a Staff Directory member entry. Fixed an issue where reordering social profiles may not show the reordered list after saving without reloading the page. Fixed a potential error when an invalid sort parameter is passed in to certain pages. Fixed an issue where certain tables of data may show an incorrect number of pages when filtering the table. Fixed the Leaderboard popular content inconsistency when using ElasticSearch. Fixed an issue where Pages blocks wouldn't show in the configuration form when using the block manager. Fixed an issue where creating a club feature could result in a DB exception. Fixed broken ACP tables on Internet Explorer 11. Fixed an issue where Status Posts couldn't be deleted. Fixed an issue where 0B may be displayed in place of the real Redis maximum memory amount on the support overview page. Fixed an issue where using REDIS as session storage would return the wrong members for the online list. Fixed an issue with lazy-loading where images with a custom aspect ratio set did not honor the ratio after loading. REST & OAuth Fixed OAuth Logins being broken because of a missing DB column. Blogs Fixed blog entries from clubs showing on the Blog applications Grid View when the "Show Club Content Areas" setting is set to "Only Within Clubs". Fixed an error that can occur with some configurations when attempting to add or move a blog entry. Pages Fixed an issue where the wrong user may be notified of Pages database records being embedded in other content areas. Fixed an issue where attachments in newly submitted database records would not be used when embedding records in other areas of the software. Fixed an issue with Schema.org structured data tags in Pages when the site has a logo image applied to the theme. Fixed an error searching databases in the AdminCP using the quicksearch input on the database listing page. Fixed an issue in the Pageurl Output Extension which was catching a not existing exception. Gallery Fixed media sound continuing to play after closing the lightbox. Fixed an error that can occur when attempting to view disk space statistics when there are none. Calendar Fixed an issue where all day ranged events reflect the wrong event end date in iCalendar exports. Adjusted ical import process to ignore WKST values of 'MO' (which is the default) to reduce false-positive error reports. Converters Fixed some issues converting MyBB content including profile fields, avatars & attachments. Commerce Added ability for administrator to choose what to do after a dispute is won (previously would automatically re-approve the transaction). Fixed an issue where the tax name in invoice emails could be missing. Fixed potential uncaught exception if trying to view a product in the AdminCP that doesn't exist. Fixed an issue where the description of new payment gateways wasn't saved successfully. Third-Party / Developer / Designer Mode Fixed an issue using the node form helper when not using $titleLangPrefix in the node model, and using apostrophies in a node's title. Fixed an issue where the wrong member's AdminCP notification dismissals were referenced in \IPS\core\AdminNotification::notificationIdsForMember(). Fixed an issue where Nodes that do not implement permissions may still try to check them, resulting in an error in some situations. Changes affecting third-party developers and designers Added an ID to the mobile navigation sign in link elSigninButton_mobile. All columns named member must now be escaped with backticks when querying the database in order to support MySQL 8.
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